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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write about?

  • To get a sense for the type of work we publish, read our site! We like practical, actionable advice, posts that will help writers on their own writing journey. Please write in the “you” voice as much as possible, then support your advice with personal experience or stories. We like any Top 10 Best article, How To article and just plain old Fun articles.

Can I repost my submission on my blog?

  • No. If we run your post on, we retain the rights to that content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website. (Did you know reposting content can hurt SEO traffic results for everyone involved? We try to keep it tidy around here.)

How long should my posts be?

  • Aim for 1000+ words

Should I pitch you my idea before writing the post?

  • If you’d like to, go ahead. But we’re happy to consider a draft as well.

Should I include links within the piece?

  • Yes. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader – they can be to appropriate posts on your site or on any other news site or blog. When you can link to other posts on, that makes us happy, too.

Should I write a headline?

  • That’d be great! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier.

Will you edit my post?

  • We’ll edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice.

What should I do after I submit my post?

  • When it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts.
  • We look forward to your contribution!

The Team