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What is the Best Chef Knife

Kitchen knives are one of the most commonly used tools and needs to be handled in the best way possible. Choosing the knives using a buying guide will ensure that you do not fall for items that are faulty.

It will also ensure that you choose equipment that are durable and will meet all your demands in the kitchen.

Getting acquainted with the buying guide will give you a broad perspective on the different kinds of knives available.

There will be ratings given on each of the items which will ensure you choose the one that fits your budget.

A review of chef’s knives online

People have a wide range of choices when it comes to the kind of knife to choose from but from the wide selection of chef knives available there are a few which people select as the best chef knife. Wusthof classic chefs knife comes in highly rated on online stores though most people think it’s a bit expensive. Victorinox Fibrox chef knife is also highly rated and is also a bit pocket friendly when compared to Wusthof. Victorinox swiss classic which was rated the best overall knife according to cook magazine. In the below list you will find our reviews for chef knives.

Top 5 chef knives

Shun premier chef’s knife is one of the knives available in the market. It sells at a reduced price of $179 on retail stores. It comes in 6 and 8 inches and is more convenient for chopping and slicing meat and vegetables. It has got a hard hammered finish which reduces drag while cutting. The knife also features layered Damascus steel and premium pakkawood handle. Unlike other knives the Shun premier chef’s knife is safe on dishwashers, air drying and hand washer. For those who need to order the knife online there is an option of one day shipping that’s if you ordered one day prior.

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In case you need an awesome knife that caters for your kitchen needs, Forschner Straight Edge Chef Knife your best choice. The most awesome thing about the knife is that you are given a gift-wrap once you’ve bought. It is one of the most powerful blades used for cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing which makes it more convenient for cooks with large hands and big chopping jobs. It’s also made from cold-rolled steel which is much easier t sharpen. Given the nature of the knife it’s quite durable and has a comfortable shape. It also retails at $39.95 on online stores.


Zwillilng J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 8-Inch High Carbon Stainless-Steel Chef’s Knife is one of the knives that is best for home owners who need a knife for multiple chores. It retails at $100 on retail outlets and can undertake several tasks from shopping vegetables to even mincing herbs. It’s made from a high carbon stainless steel blade that is ice-hardened for greater quality. The handle is made from polypropylene which is not easily breakable. It’s also quite easy to use with dishwasher and also got a lifetime guarantee. For anyone who thinks this is their right choice then it comes with a 20% reduced price on online stores.


Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife gives the customer a chance to choose from a variety of options available. First of all, it comes in black and white colors and retails at $159 on online stores. It also comes in different sizes ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches. One of the most distinct features in this knife is that it’s forged from a high-carbon Germany stainless steel which is laser controlled and is cutting edge tested. It’s also got a triple-riveted handle with a contoured design that has a secure grip. It’s also suitable for dicing and slicing all kinds of food.

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Mercer Cutlery Genesis 8&Prime Forged Chef’s Knife, Steel black is one of the most ideal knives when it comes to chopping, slicing and mincing. One of the unique features is that the blade is usually stain free and is forged from durable high quality Germany steel. It has also got a fine hand-polished edge with a non-slip handle that is comfortable and safe. It retails at $34 and comes with a free shipping cost for those who place orders above $35.As opposed to buying it on retail outlets, you are able to save up to 46% of the original amount.


What to look for when shopping for chef knives?

The most important thing to consider while buying chef’s knife is the durability. It is important to go for those that are made from stainless steel. Shopping for such knives is advisable because they are not prone to damages or rust

Blade shape also plays a huge part when shopping for knives. It’s recommended to go for those that are flat and wide because they usually give clearance to knuckles while chopping them. It’s also advisable to avoid stamped blades, this is because they are usually thinner and made out of cheap steel.

How to care for chef knives?

Knives must be cared for if you want them to last for a long time. The first step is to ensure that you always find a good place to keep your knives. It’s always recommended that you place in a knife block or in a drawer. Cleaning them is also vital and this needs to be done regularly after use. It needs to be done in soapy water and dried off with a dry towel.

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The most common cause of wear and tear in knives is the surface used in cutting. You are therefore recommended not to use surfaces such as glass, ceramics or marble when cutting such surfaces. You can opt to choose plastic or wooden boards because they have a much lower dulling effects.

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