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Very Unusual Diseases Found in Human Body

Top 10 Top Very Unusual Diseases Found in Human BodyWhen we thought about unusual disease, we imagine of something uncommon and at its excessive. However, unusual diseases are inherited in nature and could only impact on small portion than the standard diseases that can be discovered in some Individuals.

It indicates that there are issues with gene styles or there are lost genetics that causes problems in some type that cannot be prompted in any way since it happens so uncommonly. It is also known as orphan disease since there is a lower availability of cures. These are not actually expected out of specified amounts of people who have it.

Let us examine this list then see what are the diseases that you have not observed before and how it begins to these people.

Werewolf Syndrome

It is known as werewolf due to the face there is an irregular amount of hair regrowth on the person areas of the body such as the hands, face, and arms. However, in medical terms, it is known as Hypertrichosis or Ambras Problem. It can be identified as localized hypertrichosis or the general type. Researchs  have shown that it can be genetic, which means that person has it on his or her genetics even before beginning or it can be optained.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

The other term for this is Cutis Hyperelastica, which is actually a defect, found in the synthesis of collagen with a group of inherited connective tissue disorders. When collagen is not developed, it affects the right form of the body that would cause human deformity. As another term stated, there is an extensive elasticity occurring on the skin and few of the individuals who are diagnosed of it has very thin skin.


This is opposite of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome wherein there is a thickening process that happens on the skin that most commonly happens in the legs of most males. This is also called as Lymphatic Filariasis, which is actually caused by parasitic worms called Wuchereria Bancrofti, B. Timori, and Brugia Malayi that affects the lymphatic system. This is done through transmission being carried by mosquitoes. It is an extreme case of large inflammation that can be found on the head, torso, and limbs.

Cutaneous horns

These are uncommon keratinous skin tumors, which are in the form of horns. It grows on human feet and hands. In most cases, it is benign. But at times, premalignant or malignant. This happens to adults, especially those who are frequently exposed in the sun and have fair skin where lesions might occur thereafter.

Moebius Syndrome

It is a neurological disorder where the 6th to 7th cranial nerves are affected. It includes the eye and face muscles that results to partial or total facial paralysis. If this occurs to babies, there is a strong inability for the child to be fed through sucking. Some other characteristics of this disease are crossed eyes, inability to move the head, lack of facial expressions, and inability to smile. This happens when the facial nerves are underdeveloped, which is identified to genetic causes that have not yet been proven.

Blaschko Lines

These are skin lines, which cannot be seen under normal situations. It can be seen if there are triggering skin diseases where patterns become apparent or visible at all. It appears on wavy shapes on the head, chest, sides, and stomach. According to studies, it is caused by the migration of the embryonic cells, which are not in line with the human muscular and lymphatic or nervous system. In fact, this is found on animals like dogs and cats.

Pica Syndrome

This is a kind of disorder that typically happens to children and pregnant women wherein there is a strong craving to eat non-food substances or materials such as paper or dirty items. This condition is actually associated to a bird called magpie that tends to eat anything. It is really common to women and children. It could be diagnosed as mental autism for the kids, which is believed to be caused by mineral deficiency such as iron.


It is strongly characterized with a blue or gray discoloration on the skin, which is caused by an excessive exposure from silver or an ingestion of silver salts, which are found in certain medical prescriptions. People who are prone to have this disease are those who work in mining industries that works on silver extraction and even those who are doing photographic processing.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive

This is a disorder on connective tissues and muscle tissues like ligaments and tendons, wherein there is a new bone being formed outside the skeletal system that limits the movement of the individual, induces the inability to talk, and limited diet that later would result to malnutrition. The ratio for this disease is 1 out of 2 million people in the world.


It is a skin disorder wherein there is an excessive amount of dry surfaced scales that happens at an early age. This is hereditary, meaning; it can be passed on to the next generation. It is classified because of the abnormal epidermal differentiation or metabolism, making a person look like a tree.

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