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Ugliest Buildings in the World

Top 10 world’s ugliest buildings prepared on the nomination of CNN’s Top Ten and Top Ten from Forbes, the results are:


Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall has been criticized because of the weird, the building was built in 1969 in Boston has become the workplace of Boston officials. This building was designed by Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles, this place has a grim perspective. The form is composed of stacked cubes make it like a pile of cardboard.

Port Authority Bus Terminal

Every person who visits may be asked when this station opened? because they thought this station was renovated. Indeed many people who do not like the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It’s like a piece of iron monster that is very disturbing panorama of the city of New York.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Building which was founded in Liverpool England have a shape like a capsule that stood facing the sky, workers there make it as a joke. This building was designed by Englishman Frederick Gibberd, this building took more than 20 years to finish the design.

Peter the Great Statue

Peter the Great Statue is a giant statue in Moscow, designed by Zurab Tsereteli Georgia. 94 meters tall, this statue is worse than the statue of Christopher Columbus that was rejected by the citizens of the United States. Zurab is a controversial artist who created the sensation of the hated other people.

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Denver Public Library

The building is located in Denver Colorado, this library makes visitors really disappointed, irregular design and paint the walls did not match. Stackable Design of the building but did not make it neat as one of the worst buildings. Do you not get lost in there?

Scottish Parliament Building

Ugly building next is the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, Scotland. Who occupied the parliament building officials is made of bamboo, wood and oak. The building is always a matter of debate and discussion. Hopefully officials who work there feel at home.

Montparnasse Tower, Paris

Some segments of society like this building, but many have rejected and criticized. Building a tower-like stick. Unfortunately, there are very disturbing observation deck visitors to see the sights of the city.

LuckyShoe Monument

This monument is in Finland, more than 5 million tourists visit it every year. Circular shape like a horse shoe makes it a most unusual monument in the world. Starting from a small shop to turn into a department store that has a sign in the form of monuments.

Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts

Some people judge a box of building design as minimalist building, However its design makes it an eyesore that box surrounding complex of buildings. In a country like this mysterious building is not considered strange.

Torres de Colón

Torres de Colón is an offering made by the form of two twin towers. The building was built in the area of ??Plaza de Colón in Madrid, Spain. Peculiar structure that makes it different from surrounding buildings. Some people feel embarrassed when seeing Madrid Torres de Colón

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Don’t you curious to visit one of the top 10 ugliest buildings in the world?


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