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Most Ugliest Beach Marine Creatures

top-5-of-the-ugliest-beach-marine-creaturesThe ocean has hundreds of marine creatures that you didn’t even know existed.

Unless you’re a marine biologist, scuba diver or water enthusiast, you probably only know about the more popular marine creatures, like starfish, sharks, coral, whales and certain types of fish.

Creatures big and small fill the waters all over the world. Some of them are large, some are very small and some are very cute.

And then you have those that are just downright atrocious. I hope you don’t scare easily, because the following are five of the ugliest beach marine creatures.


Fangtooths belong in the fish family and can be found in the deep sea. These creatures were given their name based on their extremely large and somewhat oversized teeth. But don’t let the size of their teeth scare you, as fangtooths are very small in size and cannot do much harm to a human.  The brownish black color of their skin is also very unattractive, giving these large-toothed creatures a spot on this list.


Chimaeras are also known as ratfish or ghost sharks. These creatures are one of the oldest fish groups, and they’re also one of the most unattractive.  Their bodies are very long and extremely soft, but their giant heads and long tails make them oddly shaped and unattractive. One of the most interesting things about chimaeras is that their sexual appendages are located in their forehead, and they’re also retractable.

Barbled Dragon Fish

Barbled dragon fish are another species that are not pleasant to look at. Their large fanged teeth and lack of scales make them unattractive all around, and the barbell that hangs from their lower lip looks like drool, but is used to attract their prey. Their elongated body represents that of an eel, and these ugly creatures are also known to be extremely vicious.

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Goblin Sharks

Goblin sharks are notorious for the strange shape of their head. They tend to have a very long and very pointy snout that protrudes out from the rest of their head. The skin color of goblin sharks is also pink instead of gray. Goblin sharks tend to hide out in deeper waters but have been found in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.


The axolotl is a salamander that is very, very ugly. They can be black or pink in color and always have wing-like hairs around its neck that are black or bright red in color. Axolotls are very small in size and tend to have an oversized mouth and small beady eyes. Their bodies are generally long and a bit plumpy with short, skinny legs, and they look more like blobs with heads than anything else.

So there you have it. With hundreds of creatures in the waters of the world, these are five of the ugliest that are known today. If you ever come across one of these five creatures in your lifetime, I hope their ugly appearance doesn’t give you nightmares.


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