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Things You Want To Do Before You Die

So, what is on your bucket list? The answer will be different for everyone. Some people would like to go fishing in Norway, others want to climb Mount Everest.

But there are some things that 90% of the people ever want to do or have in their lives. Here is a top 10 of things you want to do before you die.


Own a house

Everyone wants a place that they can call ´home´. It is a human characteristic and most of the people succeed in that. Whether it is a house or an apartment, it is nice to go there after a long day of work, have a nice dinner and watch some television with a big glass of beer or wine. Though, it is not always that easy for everyone. Money is a big issue!

Have a drivers license

Most people want to have a driver’s license. It is a way to move around and have your freedom. This is of course not for everyone, but most of the people basically need it to go to their job or even to just go to the store.

See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, or Aurora, is a natural light phenomenon in the sky that you can find in the Arctic and Antarctic regions and they are caused by energetic particles and atoms in the thermosphere. The exact cause of this breath-taking natural phenomenon is too complicated to explain in there, but it has something to do with the magnetic fields of our planet. It is a beautiful light spectacle that most people would like to see in their live. The colors can variate from green to red and blue.

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Swim with dolphins

Who doesn´t love dolphins? They are one of the most intelligent creatures under water, and on top of that they are human friendly too! There are quite many places around the globe where you can have a swim with them, but when you do, make sure that it is in wild nature. Some places offer to swim with dolphins who are captured, but that takes away the charm and I feel sorry for those captured animals! Anyways, the feeling in unbelievable when those beautiful animals swim next to you, and let you to touch them. But be careful when there are babies around! Dolphins are just like humans, they want to protect their kids from any possible dangers.

Go on a safari

Most people dear about going on a safari. It is awesome to become one with the beautiful nature and the awesome wild life. It is something else than having a walk in your local park or natural reserve. The difference? You will be driving in big off-road vehicles in the middle of nowhere with a big chance to see the kings of the jungle, elephants or other animals that you normally only see the a zoo. It may cost something, but the experience is worth it!

Go on a hot air balloon trip

Humans are not able to fly, unless with some help of instruments. One of the oldest ways to do this, is with a hot air balloon. The first successful balloon flight was on 21 November 1783 in France. The fact that a hot air balloon is not steerable, makes the trips even more exciting. The balloon is controlled by a gas pit, that blows hot air in the balloon and create lift. Some people might be afraid of being that high, but once you are up there, the view is so beautiful and calming that you don´t want to go down again. This unique experience is on the bucket list of most people. It is the excellent birthday present!

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Find the love of your life

What is better than being in the arms of someone you love? It seems like it is a normal thing, once you have it. But some people feel really sad and lonely when they don´t have it. Humans are made to be with each others, share their lives and make kids. It is a natural instinct and I can believe that when it is not there, it can bring you down. Anyways, everyone wants to have a loved person to share their life with.

Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea is to be honest not a sea. It is a big salt water lake that is located between Jordan, Palestine and Israel. The Dead sea is 306 meter deep at its deepest point, and with 34,2% salinity it is one of the saltiest waters on our planet. The salt level is even that high, that you just float on the surface. The lake is 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. The Dead Sea yearly attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world! Though, try not to swallow the water when you jump in there, it might taste a little bit salty For every liter of water, there is 1240 grams of salt. It is a special experience!

Travel around the world

Many people want to do it, but only few succeed to make the journey of their life. Though, it is something that every person should do. It gives you a clear view to the different cultures and places around the world. You will meet people who will stay friends for the rest of your life, even if you have only seen them once! Travelling is the only thing that costs money and makes you rich!

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Have a shower under a waterfall

Let´s go back to the ancient times, when you could only have a shower under a waterfall. The reason why this is on the bucket list of many people, is because it takes us back to how it used to be, thousands of years ago. It lets you become one with nature and enjoy our life! And that is what it´s all about, right?


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