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The Definitive Guide to the Best Blender

With literally hundreds of blenders in the market, finding the best option for your needs and purposes may prove a daunting task. There are different types to peruse, several brands to compare and a variety of features to get to know. Should you buy the pricey Vitamix or opt for the cheaper Hamilton Beach? Will you need a traditional blender or an immersion blender?

The factors to consider are aplenty and may be confusing to an average shopper. Good thing there are best blender reviews to rely on. Whether it’s your first time buying one and you don’t know where to begin or you’re planning to upgrade to a better and more durable model, this guide aims to help you whittle your choices to the best blenders for your needs.

Different Blender Applications

Blenders are among the appliances that are now ubiquitous kitchen essentials. It serves numerous uses which should primarily determine how you choose the best type for your needs. Below are among the common blender applications that make blenders necessary kitchen tools rather than luxuries:

  • Make smoothies and milkshakes
  • Blend ice cream, salsa, sauces or salad dressings
  • Mix cocktail drinks like frozen margarita
  • Make purees or soups out of cooked and semi-solid ingredients
  • Blend powders and granules
  • Dissolve solid ingredients into liquids
  • Emulsify or pulverize mixtures

Types of Blenders

   To get you started, the best blender reviews zero in on the different types of blenders available in the market. Knowing the type, after all, is crucial if you want to snag the best option for your kitchen.

There are three common types to choose from and they are:

  • Immersion or Hand Blenders

Immersion or hand blenders are the simplest to use and among the cheapest types in the market. They are long and thin handheld appliances that you immerse in your food or drink. With the blades at the end of the shaft’s long neck, the gadget is indeed a handy appliance for basic and small tasks such as making smoothies, milkshakes, purees and soups.

Single serve blenders, on one hand, are exactly what the name suggests. They are like traditional blenders only that they are smaller and designed for a single serve. Because the type is smaller, they are also cheaper but still do the job right when used appropriately. Most personal blenders come equipped with portable travel cups which make the option perfect for people living on their own who wants an on-the-go smoothie in the morning.

Then there are the full size blenders that always pop up in majority of blender for the kitchen reviews. Of the three types, full-featured countertop models dominate the market mainly because they are more versatile and flexible in their uses. Generally, full-size blenders have the capacity to make about 4 to 8 servings. They also further vary in terms of speed, power, settings and cost.

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Key Blender Features

Blender impartial reviews wouldn’t do their job without investigating the wide and varied features of the appliance. To ensure performance, durability and your money’s worth, it’s imperative to explore the different features. You won’t always get the best of everything but you can tailor it according to your needs.

  • Wattage – In general, blender wattage ranges from 150 up to 1,500 watts or more. Though higher wattage is often equated to better performance, a 500-watt option should suffice for basic and everyday blending tasks.
  • Speed – In terms of speed, it varies from one to 16 speeds. But more isn’t necessarily better. You don’t need 16 speeds, after all, to blend a smoothie. Again, the right choice boils down to your purposes and needs.
  • Blade – Stainless steel is the norm when it comes to blade material. Blades only differ when it comes to durability and corrosion resistant. In terms of design, the most common is the petal-shaped with four metal pieces.
  • Capacity – Countertop blenders are designed to make 4 to 8 cups and they are the most commonly bought for kitchen uses. But single-serve options are also gaining ground as more single people want to make their own smoothie at home.
  • Technology – Brand has different blending technologies. Blendtec, for example, is famous for their SmartBlend technology. It varies from one blender to another and it is often associated with performance and quality.
  • Design – Some blenders have wide mouth containers for easy loading while others look sleeker and stylish. Some choices also come in varied colors. The perfect choice basically depends on your preference.
  • Settings – Touch pad settings are becoming more popular because it’s easier to use not to mention easier to clean too. Some blenders even have programmable controls for accurate blending results.
  • Maintenance – Naturally, the best options according to majority of blender reviews are the ones that are easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe blenders are more common than ever.

Top Blender Brands

When talking about heavy-duty and upscale blenders, Vitamix and Blendtec are popular brands that come to mind first. But there are also other brands to check out if you’re sticking within the low to mid-range departments:

  • Blendtec – A popular choice among the best blender reviews, Blendtec proves it’s worth every penny through its Smartblend technology, powerhouse motor and multi-function features.
  • Vitamix – At par with Blendtec in terms of performance and quality, Vitamix is an excellent choice when looking for a machine designed for heavy duty tasks.
  • Oster– Catering to the low to mid-range market, Oster offers a variety of blender models from Classic Beehive to Fusion and Counterforms priced somewhere from $20 to $200.
  • Ninja – Though relatively new, Ninja has steadily captured the market with its multi-functional blenders at reasonably affordable prices.
  • Cuisinart – Famous for its bestseller immersion blender, Cuisinart continues to enjoy a healthy market share for low to mid-range and premium options priced from $50 to $200.
  • Hamilton Beach – A market leader, Hamilton Beach continues to draw customers through to its reliable Wave Action System technology. Offers are priced reasonably from $20 to $100.
  • Breville– An Australian name that offers mid-range to high-end blenders. Some of its models have been gaining increasing popularity thanks to its impressive performance.
  • KitchenAid – A long-standing name in the kitchen appliance department, KitchenAid continues to impress through impressive die-cast construction and quality models priced from $60 to $300.
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Why Buy a Blender

If, at this point, you’re still not convinced that you need a blender and a good one at that, below are advantages of owning one has to offer:

Make perfect smoothies

According to blender comparisons and reviews, making perfect smoothies is one of the most common uses for blenders. If you’re a smoothie lover then it makes perfect sense to buy the best kitchen tool in the market. With the right tool, you can whip your favorite smoothies in minutes.

Enjoy a more flexible cooking set-up

If you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen then owning a blender is vital unless you want to waste time chopping ingredients. With the right blender on hand, you can cut your prep time in half or less allowing you to enjoy a more flexible cooking set-up.

Save money and time

Combining the two advantages together, owning a blender, in essence, allows you to save time and money. Time because the kitchen appliance does all the menial work in less time than you can pull off and moneybecause you can now whip homemade and healthy smoothies and recipes instead of always eating out.

How to Buy the Best Blenders

Blenders are extremely useful but buying the wrong one may just cancel that out. With the plethora of choices in the market and the wide variations in price points, it’s harder than ever to pinpoint the best blenders to buy. Whether you’re only shelling out $20 or $500, below are top tips to find the best choices in the market:

1. Know Your Needs

Unless you know your needs and purposes, you won’t find the best blender. Like what most blender expert reviews would reiterate, there is no one best option for everyone. That’s why there are different types, models and designs for blenders. It is, therefore, important for you to know exactly what you intend to use the appliance for to ensure a good buy.

2. Set Your Budget

The price points for blenders are wide and varied. There are the low-end options which cost less than $100, the mid-range variety with price tags starting from $100 to $399 and the upscale powerhouse machines with hefty tags from $400 onwards. How do you know which to go? One way is to set your budget.

3. Shop Around

With your needs and budget clear, the next step to finding the best blenders in the market is to shop around. Read as many blender reviews as you can to gain insight as to the best option that suits your needs to a tee. The key is to do your homework to make your investment count.

The Best Blender Recommendations

Depending on your budget, needs, preference and specific functions, below are the best blender recommendations based on a collective blender user reviews across the web.

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Best Budget Blender

Priced at around $52, the Oster 8-Speed Blender with food processor attachment is one of the best budget-friendly options as per majority of blender reviews. Equipped with a sufficient 450-watt motor, you can crush ice to make margaritas, blend smoothies and process food ingredients using its food process attachment.

Best Heavy Duty Blender

If you’re dealing with heavy duty tasks day in and day out then shelling out $400 to $500 for the right blender makes perfect sense. Designed to last a lifetime, the Vitamix 5200 Series may just be the perfect tool you’ve been looking for. It features a super-efficient and powerful 2 peak horsepower motor for greater versatility and high performance every time. It’s just like having a commercial high-end blender right in your kitchen.

Best Immersion Blender

A bestseller in the market, the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender is an affordable complement to your countertop blender. Priced at around $30 and available in a variety of colors, the new and improved kitchen tool has 2 speeds to play with when doing your blending tasks.

Best Single-Serve Blender

Enjoy a combination of value and performance with the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. For only about $18, you get a single-serve blender that comes with a travel cup with lid for quick smoothie making in the morning. With its 175-watt motor in place and one touch operation, the blender is easy, convenient and reliable enough for light blending tasks.

Best Superpower Blender

A favorite brand among consumers according to an About.com Reader’s Choice Awards, Blendtec isn’t playing games when they created the Blendtec Designer Series Wildside model. Numerous blender consumer reviews further cement the product’s reputation as the best superpower option in the market today. Equipped with 1,560-watt motor, this offering from Blendtec may be expensive but it does any blending job incredibly well.

Best Blender/Mixer System

Hit several purposes with one buy through the Magic Bullet Pro 900 Series. If you’re the type who favors a 15-piece set for your blender purchase then this is the best option to go. The motor power is at 900-watt and the price is reasonable enough at around $130. With the Pro 900 Series, you can blend and mix your food and drinks any day.

The Bottom Line

Blenders are kitchen essentials that make life easier as it saves you both time and money in the long run. No kitchen should be without a trusty blender. Even if you’re just making smoothies, you still need one that does the job well enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re budget is only $20 or $500. This guide is created for the sole purpose of helping you nab the best blender for your needs and purposes according to your preference and budget. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of knowing where and what to look for. Fortunately for you, this website is your one-stop resource for the best blenders in the market.

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