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Tallest Buildings Of World

tallest-buildings-of-worldBuilding the superlative has been a passion of each and every human being. The tallest building, the biggest park, the largest dam etc. all these records have been achieved and then broken a number of times.

Since the dawn of modern architecture and innovation in the building arts man has constructed numerous buildings throughout history and the number is increasing constantly.

Huge buildings somehow symbolize man’s aesthetic sense and the urge to make something beyond the conventional mind set.

The concept of the tallest building has been made on several grounds like structural height, the highest point, accommodating complete floors etc.

Zifeng Tower

Built in 2010, the tower has a big repute in the people’s republic of China. It is situated in the city of Nanjing having an astounding height of 450 meters or 1,476 feet. The building is a huge example of the man’s intellect and struggle. The building comprises of about 89 floors.

Petronas Tower 2

The massive building is situated in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The tower attracts numerous tourists and not just this, Malaysia is known for its beauty and this tower adds to the sophisticated nature of the country. The building has a height of 452 meters or 1,483 feet. The building was constructed in1998 and has about 88 floors.

Petronas Tower 1

Another iconic building situated in the heart of Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur. The two petronas towers were constructed in the same year that is 1998. The building has same specs as the second petronas tower, having 88 floors and a height of 452 meters.

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International Commerce Centre

The immensely popular Commerce Centre has been a shining example of modern architecture and building innovations. The tower is present in Hong Kong having nearly 118 floors spanned out on an immense height of 1588 feet or simply 484 meters. The building was constructed in 2010.

Shanghai World Financial Centre

This gorgeous tower is located in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Shanghai. The tower is a Star on the chest of China having a height of 492 meters or 1,614 feet. The building was constructed in 2008 and has about 101 floors. Though the floors are less but the height of the tower is indeed astounding.

Taipei 101

As the name indicates, the tower is situated in Taipei and is on the 5th rank when it comes to height or simply the pride of a building. The building is an exemplary statement by the country of Taiwan to the world. Though constructed back in 2004, the tower’s height is still competing with the world’s shining architectural treasures. The building has an average height of 509 meters and has about 101 floors.

One World Trade Center

The pride of the United States of America, the trade centre is situated in the city of New York. The building has a height of 541.3 meters or 1776 feet. The building has about 104 floors and is one of the most recent buildings to be built in 2013 and is one of the top cougars in the world.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel

The Gorgeous tower located in the Holy city of Mecca, was built last year and attained the top position on the worlds list after the two mentioned in the next paragraphs. The building has a height of 601 meters and 1,971 feet. The tower has 120 floor, an astounding floor as per the stability of the tower.

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Shanghai Tower

The beautiful Shanghai tower situated in the city of Shanghai, China has an amazing height of 632 meters or 2,073 feet. Though the building hasn’t been completed yet but is expected to be fully constructed in 2014. The building has 121 floors and is indeed deserving of the 2nd rank on the globe.

Burj Khalifa

A name needing no introduction when it comes to fame and recognition, the building holds the Guineas world record for the tallest building and has made such a big mark that it would take some time for anyone to reach this bar. The tower has an immense height 828 meters is situated in the Arab Paradise, Dubai. The tower was constructed back in 2010, has 163 floors, a figure that would be very difficult to reach for anyone for a long time.


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