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Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are used for many purposes since all the way back in ancient times.

They are used for hunting, working and guarding properties, and they are known as human´s best friend. Now, some dogs are not made for working, and they just want to be petted.

Personally I prefer bigger dogs, but here is a top 10 list of smallest dog breeds in the world:

The Chihuahua

The first place goes to the Chihuahua without any doubt. The breed is known since 1850 and is named after the Mexican province where the dog breed was first found. That fact makes the breed the oldest one in the American continent, and since the end of the 19th century tourists have been bringing them to Europe. You can can find them in various colors and also long and short-haired. They can be very dominant to other dogs, but that is probably because of the way they grow up. They are being carried around all the time and people look at them as cute and funny. That is why they think they are very important. They weigh between 2 and 4 kilograms and can grow up to 25 centimeters.

Brussels Griffon Dog

Brussels Griffon dogs are cute dogs that are a pleasure to have in the family. They get along with children and other pets, and they listen very well. They can get a little bit bossy, but that is not with all of them. After all they just want to fool around and have some fun. When you buy a puppy, you have to know that they do need a lot of patience and training. You need to handle the little dog with care because it can get hurt pretty fast. It loves you with all its heart and needs your approval for everything it does. When you have young kids you have to teach them to be careful with the dog, it is very fragile and needs softness. Just like Chihuahua´s they can grow up to 25 centimeters and have a weight between 3 and 4 Kg.


Pomeranians are known as very playful and energetic, and have a the characteristic to become dominant when the owner is not controlling it. Though, they need a soft hand to take care of them, but they have to know the exact rules of the game. They also want to bark a lot, even for the smallest things. But when to teach them to not do that when they are young, there won´t be any problem. Another thing you have to do, it keep them on a leash. They intent to attack even bigger dogs, because they feel so proud about themselves and want to be the boss. You can easily live in an apartment, as long as they get their daily play time or go out for a walk. These dogs can grow up to 30 cm and can weigh up to 5 Kg.


Affenpinschers have the intention to be completely fearless. Like so many other small dog breeds, they are not aware of their size and may attack bigger dogs so you better keep them on a leash while taking it for a walk. This is just a safety feature for their own. They are very smart and intelligent and love to play. They are also very curious and fast learners. Although they are very energetic and playful, they are still very fragile and you have to teach your kids to be aware of that. You better also watch your feet when you are moving, because they like to be close to you and you don´t want to step or sit on them! They can grow up to 30 cm and 4 kg.


This is not the dog breed you are looking for when you want to have a lazy dog. Not at all! They do need their daily exercise and play, and they love learning new things! That is the reason why it is a very good small family dog, because it is very intelligent, playful and sweet and they are very easy to train. They have the characteristic to be very attached to their owners and they are a very good alarm system. Although they are friendly to strangers, they will let you know when someone is around. One thing you really should know is that they really need companionship. Don´t leave them alone for a long time and give it the attention it needs. They can grow up to 32 cm and weigh up to 3,5 Kg.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are famous for their ability to learn and remember things. When it comes to sport, these little dogs are real competitors! They are very fast and agile. Another characteristic about these dogs is that they are very independent, and they sometimes need their privacy and alone-time. But once their privacy needs are fulfilled, they are very sweet and love attention and like to be petted. When it comes to other dogs, they are usually very friendly and forgiving. Next to these things they are also very protective for their family. They are fearless and will bark when they see a stranger. Once everything is fine, the dog will be very happy and friendly to everyone. They usually weigh between 2,5 and 4,5 Kg and can grow up to 25 cm.

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is on the 7th place of smallest dog breeds in the world. They are very fun and playful and are full of energy. Toy Fox Terriers are known for learning fast, picking up demands and remember them very well. They are very easy to train and they are sometimes even used to help handicapped people. Once you get this kind of dog you will be amazed by the love and affection you get from it, and how much it wants to please you! Though, you have to careful with them because they are very fragile and is it easy for them to break a leg. You don´t want to do that to these cute animals! They can become over 14 years old! These dogs also can grow up to 25 cm and 4 kg.

Russian Toy Terrier

The Russian Toy terriers are hardy dogs, and they are everything but aggressive, shy or nervous. They are the perfect dogs for people who live in an apartment because they can be lazy the whole day. They are very good with other animals and family members, but they can lose quite a lot hair. A daily brush is needed for sure! Next to that they need their daily play time or walk and of course their daily amount of attention. They love cuddling with their owners! They can grow up to 25 cm and 4 kg.

Japanese Chin Dogs

The 9th place in the top 10 smallest dogs in the world goes to the Japanese Chin Dog. This breed is known for loving to be in the center of attention and playing a lot, and they can be very sensitive. They are very good with children as long as they keep calm. They might not be the best dog breed for families with very young and loud children, because the dog can get nervous and get stress. Unlike other dogs, they don´t need that much exercise but they can enjoy a nice walk. Once their playtime or walk is over, they stay really nice and calm and love to sleep in your arms. This makes them perfect for people who live in an apartment. The biggest ones can grow up to 32 cm and 6 Kg.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is the perfect dog for people who live in a small house or an apartment. They are very clean and quite and are very polite to everyone, even young children and other animals. They don´t require a lot of exercise or space, but they love to play around as much as being lazy. Although they are not the best watch dogs, they will let you know when someone is around or when they feel danger. These animals can live up to 12 years, but you have to take very good care of them because some have some health issues like bad teeth and skin irritations. The Chinese Crested can grow up to 35 cm and up to 5 Kg.

This was the top 10 of smallest dog breeds in the world. I hope you enjoyed it!


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