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Smallest Cities in the United States

Many smallest cities are available in Unites States as a choice for living. Some people think that living in small area is much enticing than the bigger ones.

You will never see the hustle bustle of the crowded condition. In this post, you will be served with the top 10 smallest cities in United States.


West New York Town, NJ: 1.00 miles square

On the first position of the smallest cities in US, you may see West New York Town with its 1.00 miles square. This city is a part of New Jersey. The residents who live in this diminutive city are counted at 49,708 based on 2010 census.

Maywood City, CA

Maywood City is positioned in the second place of the smallest cities. It is a part of California with the size of the area counted at 1.20 square miles. More than 27,395 people live in this place based on 2010 census.

On the third position of the smallest cities in US, you will see that it is filled with 1.30 miles square located in Hudson County, New Jersey. There are more than 50005 people living here.

Union City, NJ

On the fourth place of the smallest cities in US, you may like to see the Appearance of Union City located on New Jersey. The land spans on 1.30 miles square. The census conducted in 2010, has gained the information that there are 66455 people stay here.

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Central Falls, RI

Let’s move to the fifth smallest cities of Central Falls. This city is counted at 1.50 miles square. This place has been a home for more than 19376 people. This city is a part of Rhode Island.

West Hollywood City, CA

West Hollywood City became a part of California in 29th November 1984. The area of this sixth position of smallest cities in US is only 1.90 miles square. The population of people who live in this place is 34399 residents.

Lawndale City, CA

On the seventh place of the smallest cities, you may guess that it has been filled by Lawndale City, California. The area expands on 2.0 square miles. This city has been a home for more than 32769 residents.

Garfield City, NJ

On the ninth place, you may enjoy the appearance of Garfield City. The area of this place is measured at 2.10 miles square. More than 30487 people consider this place as their home. The African people who live there make up 2.89 per cent while the white people are counted at 82.11 per cent

Long Beach City, NY

Long Beach City is located in New York. It is considered as the ninth position of the smallest cities. The area ranges in the 2.10 miles square. The people who live in this city are calculated at 33275 residents.

Chelsea City, MA

On the tenth position, you may see Chelsea City. The area of this city is counted at 2.20 square miles. This place is situated on the Suffolk Country in the state of Massachusetts. More than 35080 residents consider this city as their place of living.

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