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Safest Buildings in the World

Although the claim is questionable, it is still interesting to find out 10 safest buildings in the world according to most people who live on the planet.

I compiled from different sources and I come out with the list. Actually, there is no safe place on earth.

Died can occur anywhere and everywhere in every corner of the world.


London Tower

Inside the Tower, your life will be secured together with one of the biggest diamond in the world Koh-i-noor. This palace is a home of England crown jewelry. It is guarded 24/7 with the most advance security in the world and the most trained security forces in Britain.


Sealand is a small country 10km outside Suffolk beach, England. Sealand has its own king, rule, Independence Day, and administration. Although the country is tiny, it is barely legally untouched from international law.

Granite Bunker

Granite Bunker is a World war bunker located at Salt Lake City. The bunker is located 200 meter deep granite mountain. it is technically nuclear bomb safe. The scenario fails once a 12 tons door that fence the bunker destroyed.

Norad Central

USAF administrates Norad Central. It composes strong 3 level building with 15 rooms. The building itself is 18,000 sq foot and USAF built is 600 meters inside the skin of Cheyenne mountain. Norad Central works a spy station and defense command center.

Bold Lane Parksafe

Bold Lane Parksafe is the safest parking lot on earth. Every lot has motion sensors combined with 190 spa cameras. BBC was the one who rated the park as the safest parking lot in 2003.

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Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a building where US Federal saves its gold reserve. It is the safest building in Kentucky and probably the rest of North America. It composes tons of gold bars and original paper of Magna Charta. The door itself is 20 tons. That is thicker and heavier than the granite bunker gate.

Area 51

Area 51 is the most sacred area in US. Here, USAF tests their latest killing toys or spy aircraft. Area 51 is one of the most popular areas in Nevada.

Data Fortress –Alpen Swiss

Data Fortress is one of the strongest bunker data in the world. The builder built it inside Alpen mountain in Swiss. The bunker saves confidential data of mayor companies from all corner of the planet.

Florence Prison

US federal instituted Florence prison to lock some of the most dangerous criminals on earth. It is located in Colorado, it compose 1000 jails, countless electronic sensors, Guards, angry dogs and other top level prisoners prison amenities.

Air Force One

From different perception, we can consider Air Force One as a flying building. From the special 747-200B, US president can released an order to launch all nuclear missiles on the ground. The plane carries the most advance aircraft technology and latest defense system in the world. our last safest building in the world owns unique refueling system that can make it float on the air without landing for a weak and that is only one from unknown number of secrets that only Top USAF personal knows

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