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Reasons To Buy Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle FireThe recently announced amazon kindle fire is quickly starting to surpass popularity and sales goals, maybe even selling more than the apple ipad sold at first release. This device may be the contender that the marketplace was waiting for to jump into tablet computing. The total pre-orders have clocked in at 215,000 units, up from the 95,000 previously reported.

T his is a huge feat as no one expected the kindle fire to sell so well. This notion was based on the fact that there have been many other tablets that ran on android that resulted in poor sales. With the new Amazon tablet set to launch on November 19th, the total number of sales could easily beat the Ipad’s 2.4 million sales.

Let’s now take a look at what makes this device unique and the top 5 reasons you should buy the kindle fire vs ipad 2 or the fellow android run, Nook Color.

1) Most Cost Friendly – One of the biggest reasons the kindle fire by Amazon is selling so quickly is the fact that it is so affordable. Competitors are trying to move tablets at the $500+ price point whereas the kindle fire can be bought for just $199 here. This leaves money left over for consumers to also by accessories such as covers and cases.

2) Cloud Storage – While initially the 8GB of on board storage, seem low, the real power of the device is that it include free cloud storing of content. This means you can instantly download and access movies, music and kindle books anytime you want something new. This allows Amazon to keep costs low, but not at the expense of you having to choose a limited amount of content to store on the device. As long as you have a WI-fi connection (which is offered publicly free in more and more establishments, like bookstores, coffee shops and restaurants) you can access any content you wish.

3) Applications and Games – Another reason this amazon tablet really shines, as well as another leading factor for its popularity, is the Amazon appstore. Amazon was smart in rolling out this marketplace for android smart phone users which allowed them to download android applications and games. With the appstore you have access to thousands of games and applications.

4) Tons of Content – Amazon has done an excellent job in offering content including their kindle books, mp3 music downloads and most recently, streaming movies and TV shows. Their catalog of content has continually grown and you have access to watch read or listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.

5) Lightweight and Ultra-Mobile – Lastly, the kindle fire is ultra mobile and a joy to handle. It fits perfectly in your hands and you don’t get tired from holding it. Even for devices under 3 pounds, after hours of holding them, it gets uncomfortable. The kindle fire weighs in at less than a pound at 14.6 ounces. Part of the success of the original Kindle’s appeal was it’s weight and the fact it was small enough to carry around in your back pocket, this carries over into this tablet.

So there it is, the top 5 reasons to buy the Kindle Fire. More and more people are starting to jump on the idea of tablet computing and the new tablet offered by Amazon is one of the best devices if you are interested in joining this movement. It makes an affordable splurge on your own behalf, that will provide endless entertainment or a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

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