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Most Popular Ways to Increase Your Memory

10-ways-to-increase-your-memoryThe people of every city every country or anywhere around the globe are losing their memory day by day. They cannot even know their relative names. Every person had tried every technique to increase his memory but failed all the time. The psychology literature has a great point in increasing the memory of people.

People are losing their mind not only by diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s or other neurological impairments rather this is happening because they are indulging in such activities like drugs, alcohol, huge mental stress etc. that the notion of becoming completely absurd isn’t that far if we consider all the odds. Well so to speak, looking at what is coming our way, losing our memory can be a good possibility if we take all the odds into account.

Today we have the list of the top ten best ways or you can say tips to improve their memory.

Vary Your Study Routine

Environment has a great effect on the way we think and learn and perceive what is real and what matters .You can help your memory increase by changing your location every day. You can revise or review the lesson you have read the last night. You can observe the location first you are sitting in and then focus.

Pay Extra Attention to Difficult Information

As they say putting a little effort has its charm and provides the struggler with a lot of things at his grasp. Giving time to details is an enormously fruitful way to actually imprint something in your permanent memory .You can also increase your memory by paying attention to the difficult information by focusing on the information you are seeing. You can also devote extra time to revise information.

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Teach other concepts to another person

Learning and teaching further strengthens the roots of the information in your mind. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and perhaps more, similarly what you talk about takes deeper roots in your memory so you can also increase your memory by reading your subject or newspapers with a loud noise. You can elaborate it to another person sitting around you so that will also make you memorize things.

Visualize concepts

As pointed earlier, a picture is worth a thousand words, so people are greatly benefit by the visualizing the information they are using. It can be improved by making your own graphs paying attention to your pages of books, diagram and different charts by making them yourself.


Connecting things to what you have observed or the things that have deep roots in your mind help you to navigate you through the vast array of information. You can also improve your memory by relating the information with the things you have already known. While studying unfamiliar things you can relate them with different charts and diagrams that you have already know.


One of the best techniques of recalling your memory is process known as Elaborating rehearsal. You can extent the knowledge you have gained by thinking for some time and make it a spot in your mind. In short, giving something time pays off very well.

Mnemonic device

An excellent method of remembering is this, humor has very deep impact on your memory and consequently it aids very much in keeping things relative .One of the best techniques is mnemonic device also which is used by students and old agers to increase memory. Utilizing humor is the best mnemonics of the globe which can improve almost 40% of your total memory.

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Organize the information you are studying

For making your memory better you can also organize the information in the memory in related clusters. You can try even grouping similar concepts and the log terms together and by reading notebooks. This is why students make notes and try to write the gist of the story to have an idea of all the information about the matter rather than memorizing a part for a shorter while.

Avoid Cramming

The researchers have found that the students studying regularly can revise things better than those who do all studying in one session. In 2001 the researcher had found this revision method to increase your memory. Cramming is for some and not for all, some people have excellent cramming skills and consequently find it very helpful whereas to some it is next to impossible, but as far as my point of view lies, I hate the thought of cramming because in my belief it diminishes one’s ability to think.


The first thing in remembering your lost memory is focusing on the work or the information you are studying or reading. Studying in distracting environment is indeed a very idiotic thing to do and not only because it distracts you rather you lose precious time in respect of studying and free time as well.


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