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Most Popular Travel Destinations in the USA

In today’s post we have decided to list the top 10 travel destinations in the US. America is one of the best places for both domestic and international travelers to visit and spend memorable movements of their lives from coast to coast. America is home to a diverse variety of places to visit from its natural scenery to food and people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The United states of American is known to be one of the top countries with the most amazing tourists’ destinations. These destinations are spread throughout the 52 states, which include the skyscrapers found in Chicago and New York, Alaska’ and Yellowstone’s wonders of nature, beaches of Florida, Hawaii and California. The destinations below are regarded as some of the top 10 travel destinations in the US that are found on the list of travelers “places to visit” around the world.

The State of California

The state of California has so much to offer to tourist that it’s probably not possible to see it all in a few days or even a few weeks of visit. As one of the most populated states in the US, California offers tourist attractions such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Sea World, the Big Sur and San Diego Zoo.

Rapid City

Founded in 1876, the Rapid City, located in South Dakota, is considered one of the major attractions for families. In Rapid City you will find Black Hills, the great Badlands National Park and Crazy Horse Memorial. You can also visit some of the very many museums and popular hiking locations.

State of Georgia

Family comes first to many people, so if you are looking for a perfect place to take your family for fun, Atlanta Georgia is surely the place to visit. Georgia has scenic environment characterized with waterfalls, canyons and mountains and breeze of fresh air. It is also the home for the South East’s largest Theme Park, Six Flag, while other famous attractions in Georgia include the Museum of Georgia, Blue Ridge Gateway, Callaway gardens and Lake Lanier islands.

State of Texas

Texas is the 2nd largest state of the 52 in the United States of America. The stone hedge Odessa, the River walk Burnet, old stone Museum fort, Xit Museum, Glass Cactus, and Houston Raceway Park and numerous historical sites are just among the many attractions you find when you visit Texas.

State of Alaska

To the surprise of many the state of Alaska, also known as The Last Frontier is a major tourist attraction. Alaska may not be the “sunshine state” you are looking for, but it has a unique beauty, rare to find elsewhere. Alaska offers you wonderful Pacific cruises, whale watching and the beauties of Glacier Bay Park and inside Passage and more.

Virginia State

Virginia is another popular top 10 Travel destinations in the US that showcases wonderful beaches and great scenery. For those who wish to visit this beautiful state, they can easily choose from a range of national parks, Assateague Island and its wild ponies, Parkway of Blue Ridge and an array of outdoor and sports activities offered to the tourists.

New York

New York is the ultimate tourist destination in the United States and there are very few around the world that are not familiar with New York’s popularity, which is signified in its magnificent skyscrapers. It is the home for the empire state building, the former Twin towers and the Pearl Harbor. Camping lovers will always find room at the cool Ranch camping resort. Horse riding and fishing are the other things one can do, while there are also many historically famous places that one can visit; including Stamford and Arts Centers.

Grand Canyon

The state of Arizona is home to one of the top 10 wonders of the world; the Grand Canyon. Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the most wonderful and memorable experiences of anyone’s life. If you ever have a chance to see this alluring deep ravine, don’t miss it. The Grand Canyon is carved out through the Colorado River for millions of year. The beauty of this place along with its vast size and depth are just special and are always on the list of top 10 travel destination in the US and the around world.

Florida State

If you ever have been gone to Orlando; the Universal Studios or Disney World you know why Florida is one special place. There are a many attractions and places to visit in Flora that are equally exciting for young and old. Florida also offers you the Latino cultural many places to visit in South Beach, Miami.


Hawaii has gained so much fame for its beaches and natural beauty. For people who have a love for nature, there is surely no better place with like Hawaii, which combines beautiful ocean beaches, to breath-taking greenery, hills and mountains. That is why Hawaii has become a destination for honeymoon couples around the world. The place has also invested heavily in the hotel industry, while visitors never worry about finding a hotel room because there are plenty of them.


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