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Most Popular Tools For Any Toolbox

top-5-essential-tools-for-any-toolboxAn old saying goes “a bad workman blames his tools”. This article will highlight all the tools you could never live without, whether you are building a shed or fitting a kitchen, these tools need to always be in your back pocket.

There is too much information out there, about the luxury expensive tool and not enough about the reliable necessities.

Hammer and nails

Yes we have all hit one of our fingers using a hammer, but where would we be without such a tool. Using the wrong side of a screwdriver just doesn’t cut it. Hammers come in a variety of shapes and sizes both big and small. A light hammer can be good for acute spaces and especially when you are up a ladder, whilst the larger hammer can be great for those more difficult materials.

The hammer is not only used for the purpose of forcing a nail in, it can also be used to remove nails with its claw. Hammers can now also come in handy all in ones, with screwdrivers and also with magnets to hold those nails steady. Now onto nails, the beauty of the nail is the simplicity. A nail is cheap and reliable and can ensure your structure is sturdy.  Nails also come in a variety of shapes and sizes ensuring your project are complete.

Power drill

If you are a builder and you are not regularly drilling holes into walls then you are not doing your job properly. The power drill is effective whether it is a wooden frame or a solid sheet of metal. The power drill differs in two ways, one with a cord, one with a battery, both effective, both reliable. The power drill comes with a variety of chucks to ensure that a hole is bigger enough for the nail or screw.

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The trusty screwdriver may be some people’s number one choice but in this case it comes in strong at number three. The screwdriver comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The main part of the screwdriver is the length and head piece, but it is all dependants on the screw. A longer screwdriver may be preferred for some jobs especially when screwing from length; a smaller thicker one may be more effective on other occasions.

Now it comes onto the importance of screws, just as important as their counterpart. A screw is one of the most reliable tools out there and as it allows secure fastening as well as simple removal.


Where would we be without our manly saw? The saw is both robust and efficient; it can ensure those wooden planks are cut down to size. The saw now comes in many different forms, it can be the jigsaw, table saw or power saw, either way it is extremely effective for almost any situation.

Tape measure and water level

Measure tape with knife and fork. Diet food on wooden table with copy space

Measurements are always pivotal when it comes to fitting something or building a new shed. Whilst the tape measure ensures everything is to specification the water level ensures appearance. It makes sure that everything is straight and that it will not be tilted in any way it shouldn’t be.


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