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Most Popular Tips On How To Sleep Better And Deeper

top-10-tips-on-how-to-sleep-better-and-deeper“Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We used to listen to this from our mom when we were small kids. Sleep has got a very important place in our lives and it is of vital importance for good health.

It is a natural process, whereby you give your brain and body rest after getting tired of working all day long. But if you didn’t had a sound sleep at night then your day at the office or school is not going to be a pleasant one guys.

You will feel sleepy and won’t be able to perform any task with efficiency. Here I am going to tell you some ways of getting a sound slumber and I hope if you follow these stringently then you will wake up fresh the next morning. This time it would be you who will be calling for your mom to wake up.

Make up a schedule of sleeping at night and waking up in the morning and then follow this schedule stringently. This will allow you to fall asleep more easily at night. I would recommend that even follow the same timings on the weekends also.

Circumscribe your eating and drinking activities and abstain from eating or drinking anything atleast 2 hours before bed time. Eating too much just before going to the land of nods may perturb you during the sleep and you would not be able to enjoy a sound sleep.

Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol at least 8 hours before going to bed as these are the stimulants that can keep you awake.

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Exercise regularly as it will make your body exhausted and you will enjoy a good sleep at night. Moreover, it allows you to fall asleep easily and you don’t have to try to sleep.

To sleep deep, create a compatible ambience of your room as to suit your personal requirements. Some general things are switching off the lights, adjusting the temperature and using eye covers and earplugs.

Some people are habitual of sleeping in daytime. This may greatly influence your night time slumber and you would not be able to enjoy a sound sleep at night. The best practice is to limit the day time sleep to half an hour and try to sleep in the night time. If you have to work late into night, then close the curtains of the window so as to prevent your biological clock from getting disturbed due to the sunlight.

After creating a suitable environment to sleep, it is the time to make your bed and pillow comfortable as per your need. You must have enough space to sleep if you are sharing your mattress with your child.

It is good to go through some relaxing activities before you go to sleep finally. This may include listening to some soft music, taking a warm shower etc. This facilitates your body to go into sleepiness more conveniently.

If you are not able to sleep after about 15-20 minutes of lying in bed, then it means that you are not tired and get up and so something until you get tired. This is not at all a good idea to keep lying in the bed and counting the sheep jumping over the fence in you fantasy. I am sure you must have got a better thing to do.

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”I had one hell of a day at office, where are my sleeping pills?.” DON’T !. Don’t take sleeping pills guys or else you will get addicted to them. Only use them as a last resort to sleep if all other alternatives have failed to work out for you. Take the sleeping pills only after the advice of your doctor.


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