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Most Popular Spa Resorts and Hotels In The World

top-10-best-spa-resorts-and-spa-hotels-in-the-worldSpa is basically a health treatment term used and also the water treatment including balnetherapy.

There are different spa towns, resorts and hotels which provide spa treatments and various other health treatments. Other than that there are Day spas which also provide personal care treatments to ladies of all ages.

The Spa was originated with the word “SPARGERE” which means scatter, sprinkle and moisten. The spring water is basically the reason behind spas as there was some disease caused by iron deficiency and spring water was the cure of that.

Here I have this post about the top 10 best Spa resorts and Spa hotels in the world.

Auberge du Soleil

Auberge du Soleil is situated in the Wine Country, San Francisco. It is known for its best health care activities and has the most awesome fountains, private gardens and outdoor soaking pools. Their spa treatment is known as the best, because they provide a physical and emotional barrier from the outside world. After you are done with the spa treatment you really feel peace in you.

Hotel Le Couvent des Minimes, France

This Hotel used to be a convent for nuns and was later up scaled. It has the medieval architecture and contemporary design; their terraced gardens have hundreds of botanical species. You’ll feel a gentle Mediterranean touch here and the Spa here really promises your wellness. Hotel Le Couvent des Minimes has the best outdoor pool, Spa treatment, Sauna, Fitness area, Hammam, mountain biking, hiking and much more recreational stuff.

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The Setai, Miami Beach

Their Spa is among the best Spas in the world; their treatment includes the restoration and realignment of your body and spirit. Each suite has its special ocean and pool views, with private bath and steam room. Their Spa treatments transport the traditions of the Pacific Rim to South Beach.

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing

Aman Spa and Fitness are is awesome with different recreational facilities, a tranquil reception, double treatment rooms, kimrobinson hair studio and Pilates and yoga studio. Pilates studio arranged different private and reform classes. Their spa treatments include many health, well being and beauty treatments.

Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda

The Spa here offers a wide range of Caribbean specialties to fuse the indigenous botanical resources proliferating within the grounds of this resort. Their therapeutic practices and progressive concepts about health and wellness are totally awesome. Their luxury treatments include the Virgin Gorda Goat milk and honey wrap and the Salt island Scrub.

Banyan Tree, Cherngtalay, Thailand

Banyan Tree Spa is an amazing luxury spa resort and their spa concept is the initial tropical garden concept with Eastern therapies and holistic focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. You can come here for a physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Their basic focus is the “High-touch and Low-tech” approach and they use special herbs and spices for that.

Hotel Ghuanahani & Spa

Hotel Ghuanahani & Spa has the most colorful rooms of almost all the fun colors like yellow, indigo, purple, bright green and many others. They have the best Clarins’ treatments and Frederic Fekkai hair care. The luxury, comfort and elegance if amazing, you get proper beauty treatment and you get the renowned specialists for face and body products.

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The Plaza Hotel, New York

The Plaza hotel has the world’s amazing spas; they have the French Spas, Spanish Spas and USA Spas too. You get facial treatments and different body treatments like Wraps and Scrubs, Barrel Baths, massages, Traditional Massages, Caudalie Escapes, A LA Carte Treatments, Nails, Waxing and Spa Cuisine here. All is done with professional care and the treatment that you require; you will get much more of it.

The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua

The Ritz Carlton Spa offers a variety of amazing treatments and therapies which is based on native Hawaiian healing and potent plants, flowers, fruits and herbs. You get a relaxing lomilomi massage, refreshing facials. In their fitness and spa center, you get private outdoor gardens and new spacious and private couple cabanas.

Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

It is considered to be the best spa resort in the world; you get amazing spa treatments, swim laps, fitness, climbing wall and great workouts. Their traditional and modern therapies include deep-tissue thermal therapy, muscle melt for road warriors, Ashiatsu- Deep barefoot Massage, Thai Massage, Sole reflexology, De-Stress Chakra Ritual, Turkish Hammam Bath Ritual and Ayurvedic Herbal Rejuvenation therapy here.


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