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Most Popular Sites for Black Friday Online Deals

Black FridayWith Black Friday madness just over the corner, we’re prepping our mind, body, and soul in the run-up to the holiday rush. There’s no doubt that the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will bring show-stopping sales and savings, but where will you be able to find the brightest of baubles and bargains, that we label Editors’ Choice?

Below, we’ve rounded up the top five stores that slashed the most price tags and flaunted the best sales during the Black Friday week time frame (from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday) in 2015. These stores offered the best prices on the most popular items and annihilated the competition last year, so it’s safe to assume that they’ll want to repeat such success again this time around.

As it turns out, it looks like less-familiar retailers are aiming to take out some of the top names in Black Friday, which means more eye-popping deals for shoppers. As you prepare a comfortable running outfit, practice your elbow-ing power, and construct a Black Friday game plan for 2016, make sure to keep this list close at hand.

Amazon Best Black Friday Deals

Few stores have come close to touching Amazon’s reignthroughout the holiday shopping season and, for the fourth year running, it has topped our list of winners. Last year, we listed 186 Editors’ Choice deals from the mother of all online stores during Black Friday week — that was 51% of its total deals we listed throughout. Although numbers dropped as we approached Cyber Monday, we still posted a more-than-substantial 100 deals that had earned the Editors’ Choice nod.

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Best for: Consumers who want a one-stop shop for sales, and those who don’t mind the stress of staggered, fast-selling “Lightning Deals.”How will Amazon manage to stay on top once again this year? As is now customary of the megastore, Amazon will be unrelenting (to the upset of our poor editors) in matching and undercutting prices at Walmart and Best Buy throughout Black Friday as well as the holiday season. Just keep in mind that a lot of these deals will sell out quickly.

Newegg Best Black Friday Deals

Best for: Tech lovers and shoppers who can’t click quick enough for Amazon flash deals. For the first time ever, Newegg outshone Walmart and Best Buy to earn second place on our list. Although the retailer once again relied on mail-in rebates for many of its top offers, we marked more than 100 of its deals as Editors’ Choice throughout the Thanksgiving and Black Friday period in 2015 — that’s almost twice as many as 2014. The Cyber Monday week run saw an additional 64 such deals, which cemented the electronics store as one of the “best in show” throughout the season.It’s worth noting that, although Amazon will still slaughter Newegg when it comes down to numbers, shoppers are more likely to actually get their hands on the finer deals from Newegg since Amazon’s deals will go out of stock very quickly — some even too swiftly for our eager early-risers.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Best for: Shoppers who prefer to prepare extensively with advance ads containing buzz-worthy doorbusters. Best Buy also saw a rise in the number of Editors’ Choice deals listed from our crew from the year previous, but it wasn’t enough to stop it from slipping to third place in our ranking. Over half of its deals during Black Friday week were Editors’ Choice-worthy — that was 80 in total, while Cyber Monday week saw just 22 good enough to earn the tag.

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Walmart Best Black Friday Deals

Best for: Shoppers who want a store that front-loads the best deals during Black Friday week, rather than Cyber Monday. Despite only listing four fewer Editors’ Choice deals last year, Walmart slipped two places to fourth-best over the holiday shopping period last year. As with each of the previously-listed stores in our ranking, the national department store listed substantially more impressive deals during the Black Friday week period when compared to the following week’s treats, as 60% of Walmart’s Editors’ Choice deals were listed during the first week of madness.

Tiger Direct Best Black Friday Deals

Best for: Shoppers who don’t mind a rebate in the pursuit of a great TV deal. TigerDirect just made the list this year, beating Home Depot by a mere six deals. The vast majority of these Editors’ Choice numbers — a massive 73% of them — were listed during the Black Friday week time-frame. The store listed a significantly lower number of top-notch deals revered by our editors over Cyber Monday week, but overall it put in a solid performance earning it the final place in our ranking.

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