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Most Popular Religious Festivals In The World

top-10-biggest-religious-festivals-in-the-worldPeople are religious in many things, about culture from their parents and other family member.

The religious events are a part of every person and individual. Even religion is not based on the color or breed.

Every person that appreciates the value of the mundane and exalts and divine.

Let us see the top ten biggest religious festivals of the world.


This is a major Hindu festival that literally means “nine nights”. This is a festival that is celebrated four times a year. Worshipping the divine mother is the main theme of this festival event, which is usually done at the beginning of spring. This festival is divided in 3 days.

Krishna janmashtami

This event is celebrated by many of the Hindu people respect to the avatar god Vishnu, Krishna and his birth. This is when Rasa Lila is being played to portray the life of Krishna. Dahi Handi is another story, forming a pyramid to break high hanging pot of butter.


This festival in which cherry blooms all over the people in summer. Sharing meals together on the picnic setting, looking at the majestic view of Mt.Fuji on some places. That’s how this festival has been picture in the minds of everyone all over the world.


This is the festival which interpreted the “fiftieth day” reminding the Ten Commandments after the fifty days of the Israelites from Egypt. It is also celebrated at the time when the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ had received the endowment of the gift of the Holy Ghost.


This is the month in which the Muslims are fasting and are abstained from eating, drinking, smoking, love making and lot many more. This is done for Allah for showing their sincerity and submissiveness to his will. It teaches patience, humanity and spirituality to all the Muslims all worldwide.


This festival is known as the “festival of lights”; Diwali unifies Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism celebrating one festival, even though they have different reasons on why and how it is celebrated. At this time lamps are lit to show good reigns over evil.

Chinese New Year

This event is celebrated by the most populous people; the new moon experienced on the lunar calendar is the mark of this colorful, lively, religious celebration. Fireworks in the sky resemble heaven on the New Year eve. The people involved buy food such as moon cake to make their fortune better


This a well known festival of which everyone of the world is familiar with it. It is known as the day when the Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, after the third day he was crucified on the cross. Easter is about the standing witness that Jesus in the resurrection and the life.

This is the only religious event in the world that has most number of visitors, pilgrims, and passage seekers from all around the corners of the earth. Whether it may be a Muslim festival but has a very large number of visitors in the month of Hajj mentioned in the Islamic calendar.


This is the festival in which a special holiday is celebrated which is on 25th December in many countries all over the world. It has been celebrated worldwide of the birth of the savior Jesus Christ in the city Bethlehem.


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