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Most Popular Places You Should Visit in Australia

If you are interested to spend your next vacation in some of the beautiful places in Australia, it is better for you to be prepared.

You may need to make a list about them so that you will never miss anything that you will regret later.

If you are looking some information about the beautiful places in the Australia, let’s see the list of the 10 places that you should visit in Australia below as the consideration.


The Red Centre

The first of the beautiful places in Australia is taken by the Red Centre. There is a trilogy of sites available in this place. Those are the Kings Canyon, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. This place is fantastic since you can explore by climbing them with friends or family.

Great Barrier Reef

The people who love to enjoy seeing the blue water in sparkling shades may need to visit the Great Barrier Reef. You just have to go to the coast of Queensland to see this magnificent view. There will 90 islands available as well the largest collection of coral reef.

Fraser Island

Fraser island can be a great option too if you want to see one of the beautiful places in Australia. This sand encompasses the area of 1840 square kilometer. You may stay and enjoy the campground, swimming, and sunbathing in this coast.

Purnululu National Park

If you come to Western Australia, don’t forget to visit the Purnululu National Park. You will be served with appearance of the local animals called as Bungles Bungles. The sandstone rock formation in this place is delicate to view.

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Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is the other beautiful places in Australia that you should visit. There will be a lot of wines that you can buy from the village. Some of the wine products include Yalumba and Wolf Blass.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo is the typical animal that you should see in Australia. You may need to go to the Kangaroo Island if you love to see the wildlife. Some of the animals living here include kangaroo, blue penguins and sea lions.


Broome is the other beautiful place in Australia situated on the western region. You may need to visit the well-know beach here called as Cable Beach. You may go for swimming, boating and jet skiing.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located on New South Wales. This is the perfect spot for the tourists who want to relax by staying near the beach. There are many attractions that you can get here for the local artists will really to entertain you.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park occupies the land area of 4,894,000 acres. There will be many things to offer here. You may see the scenery of Alligator Rivers. If you apply for a guided tour, you can meet the aboriginal people.

Great Ocean Road

The last position of the most beautiful places is set for the Great Ocean Road. You will be served with the enticing look of various rock formations. Watching the sunrise and sunset from this spot is perfect along with the fresh and breezy atmosphere.


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