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Most Popular Places to Visit in Germany

Aerial view of Cologne, Germany

For the enthusiastic European travellers this article is going to spell out some of the top 10 best places to visit in Germany. Germany is country with a wide variety of deep cultural and historical sites to explore.

Are you thinking or having plans to visit this old European country?

Of course there are a lot to see in Germany and you need months to explore everything, but for vacation that can afford a long duration, we suggest to take a look and take a note of some of the top 10 best places to visit, see and explore in the land of the Germans.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Did you have just a bit difficulty pronouncing it? We thought so! Neuschwansteinis the most photographed castle in the world and was created by the eccentric King Ludwig in 1869. It is interesting to note that the Ludwig did not hire an architect to create the castle, he actually sought out a theatrical set designer to help with building and the modifications of his dream castle.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg gate is located in Berlin. This famous German gate is a historical site and hosts millions of visitors every year. Commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II, the building of Brandenburg gate started in 1791 as a sign of peace. In the midst of the cold war it was the wall that separated East and West Berlin and part of commonly became known as the Berlin Wall. The wall came down in 1989 and has now become a sign of unification of Germany and a popular historical site.

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The Romantic Road of Germany

The Romantic Road definitely belongs to the list of top 10 best places to visit in Germany. A beautiful scenic route running through Germany, the Romantic Road will memorize your eyes and capture your heart. If you use this route during your stay in Germany (which is highly recommended) you will enjoy traditional German sites such as original medieval towns, castles, and many historical hotels.

The Cathedral of Cologne

The Cathedral of Cologne is the world’s 3rd largest cathedral. As a Gothic cathedral that took over 600 years to create, it will show you years in history of the people that built it throughout ages. A popular tourist destination in Germany, it was originally designed in the early 1200s, but was not completed until the late 1800s.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest is one of the most scenic areas to visit in Germany. It is filled with rolling hills and beautiful forestry – green and full of life. There are many trails to take in this vast 4,600 square mile area. You can find little villages, local bakeries, and monasteries throughout the German Black Forest. The Black Forest of Germany is one of those best places to visit in Germany with kids.

Old German City of Trier

Trier is the oldest cities in Germany. It was known to be frequented by many Roman emperors that ruled the area. Trier is located in west Germany near the French border and has many religious attractions including the ancient city of Porta Nigra, which is home to the largest Roman City gate. The very many ancient attractions make Trier one of the most popular places in Germany.

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City of Munich

Munich is a great city but tons of places to see that are some of the best in Germany. It is widely believed that Munich was founded nearly a millennium ago during the year 1158. It is home to places like Hofbräuhaus Restaurant, Residence Palace of Munich and Deutsches Museum. Wherever you decide to go and do in Munich, one thing is for sure: travellers and tourists never run out of places to see and things to do in Munich

The Church of Our Lady

The Dresden Frauenkirche, also known as The Church of Our Lady, is one of the most popular historical sites in Germany. Yet it was practically destroyed in the air raids during the World War II. The reconstruction of this historical site did not start on until 1994 and but was completed in 2005. The restoration of was completely funded by private donations.


The city of Weimar is one of the most cultural hot-spots places you can find in Germany, which has a historical record dating as far back as the year 899 AD. Germany’s Weimar has been home to some of the most intelligent minds in the world who have been considered geniuses in areas such as sciences, philosophy, and music. Once there you will find a wide variety of historical places to visit, enjoy and photograph.

Nuremberg: Best Places to Visit in Germany

As one of the best places to visit in Germany Nuremberg is not just famous for “Nuremberg Trials” but it is home to one of the most majestic castles in Germany. In any case the city of Nuremberg makes for a great visit to German anytime of year but Nuremberg is most well known for its Christmas market. Beginning in November the area throughout the city is transformed into the most beautiful winter wonderland making one of the best places to visit in Germany in December.

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Germany has a bit of everything for everyone; simply state your travel needs and Germany should provide the rest.


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