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Most Popular Places To Visit In Bahamas

top-10-places-to-visit-on-bahamasBefore digging deep into the topic, let us first know something about Bahamas. The official name of the Bahamas is Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is situated in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and southeast of the United States.

Bahamas consists of 29 islands, 661 cays and 2387 islets. Its total land area is 13,939 square km and has an average population of 330,000. July 10, 1973 is the date on which the Bahama Islands gained independence from Great Britain at 12:01 A.M. These islands were under British control for about 250 years but now they have their own Prime Minister and Parliament. July 10 is a legal holiday in The Bahamas.

Independence Day is surely a day to celebrate with full zeal and zest. Freedom is a godsend and everybody should know the importance of it. On the Independence Day, you would definitely want to look around Bahamas and visit different places. Here, I will divulge to you some of the best places in Bahamas to visit whether you are on a trip to Bahamas or celebrating the Independence Day.

On the Independence Day, by visiting these places of Bahamas, you will come to learn more about this beautiful country.

Gold Rock Beach

This beach cements its place among the top beaches of the world, and according to many visitors it is the best beach of the world. The reason behind this is that it has got all the things a perfect beach should have in order to let the crowd enjoy to the hilt. Gold Rock beach is equally entertaining for both the newly-wed couples and families. It is a perfect spot especially during the sunset. The water is crystal clear and the rock-formation at the beach is really interesting. Gold Rock beach is at Lucayan National Park and is located about 45 minutes from Lucaya.

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Fort Charlotte

It is always interesting to start talking about a Fort from its history. It is located in Nassau Bahamas. Lord Dunmore built this fort in 1789 and he named it in the honor of wife of King George III. Prima facie, by the word Fort all of us get a perception of battle and wars, but you might be appalled to know that this one has never fires a shot in battle. There are open areas in it for the children to run and enjoy themselves. Children can also explore secret passageways inside the Fort. As regards to the Independence Day of Bahamas, this fort is of historic significance and reminds the people of Bahamas of the history of the country.

Elbow Cay

It is located in the Abaco islands of the Bahamas and it was populated by the British loyalists fleeing the newly independent United States of America in 1785. Marsh Harbor Airport was a great step towards connecting the Elbow Cay and the Abacos. The airport was built in 1959. The enjoyment increases by manifold when the locals of the place you are visiting are helpful and friendly. The beaches there are really cool and Elbow Cay offers a best range of restaurants and shops.

Deadman’s Reef

You should go to the Deadman’s Reef if you want to enjoy the real taste of snorkeling. Deadman’s Reef is a well-maintained place about 25 minute drive from Lucaya. It is not an ordinary diving location, rather this place is above the salt as compared to other places to do snorkeling. The water is clear blue there and it will be a life-time experience for you. The staff there at Deadman’s Reef is really supporting and helpful. You should listen to them carefully if you really want to get the best out of this place.

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Christ Church Cathedral

It is located in the capital city of Nassau and is a wonderful building. It was built in the 1800s and its architecture is of great interest to the visitors. If you ever visit Bahamas don’t forget to visit this building because you will carry the memory of the sight with you forever.

Cape Santa Maria

Though Cape Santa Maria is a smaller island in Bahamas, but don’t get misguided by its size because it is among the best sites to stay at or visit. It offers a great variety of beaches to the guests who come from far off places to visit this island. It has got everything from accommodations to delicious food and friendly staff to welcome you. Unlike other beaches, this one is not packed like sardines and one can enjoy a spacious area to enjoy to the hilt.

Blue Lagoon Island

It is a private island which is located 5 kilometers from Nassau, Bahamas. Once you visit this place, you would like to visit this again and again. You can do various things on this island related to fun in the surf and the sand. An interesting fact about this island is that during World War II, this island was used by the allies as a secret training base for three teams of British and American underwater demolition squad. So the Blue Lagoon Island also has a great historic significance and it is heartening to visit such places of historic importance on the Independence Day.

Balcony House

It is the oldest existing wooden residential building in The Bahamas and is about 220 years old. This house was purchased by The Central Bank of The Bahamas in 1985 and its restoration was started later on. It was opened as a Balcony House Museum in 1994 with the collaboration of Department of National Archives. American cedar is being used in the construction of this building and the interior with Abaco pine. It is a great place to visit.

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Atlantis Paradise Island

It is a resort and water park located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. It was officially opened in 1998 and created by South African hotel magnate Sole Kerzner and Kerzner International Limited. Aquaventure is a great spot for the children and adults to visit and have fun. Aquaventure was opened in 2007 and consists of the Power Tower which further contains four water slides. Don’t miss the fun of the place !

Cat Island

It covers 150 square miles and has got almost everything one desire. Some of the things at the Cat Island are Amerindian campsites, religious ruins, rolling hills, dense woodlands, caves, high bluffs and deserted beaches. Among all these different attractions, there are also traces of ancient cultures in this island.


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