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Most Popular Countries With Most Facebook Users

Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook UsersFacebook has been known over the years as the hottest social networking website over the planet. As it has millions and millions of users, the steady addition of new users and interested businesses are consistently piling up, thanks to its new features, its richer user experience, and of course, opportunities for connecting to friends and loved ones all over the world.

With 2015 just ended, many are wondering as to which countries have increased users, and below is the list which is ranking top 10 Countries with most Facebook users.


At the beginning of January 2011, it was not even on the top 10 list to begin with as Canada was filling its spot over a year ago. However, thanks to a lot of German people who has seen the wonder of connecting with friends, there has been an increase from 13,678,200 to over 22,125,300 in the last 365 days or so. That’s over 8,447,100 new users in just a year.


It looks like France has reached its peaking growth because user count has been only up 3,075,040 from 20,469,420 in December 31, 2010 to 23,544,460 in January 2012. Of its many users, 52.76% of which is consistently online, making it an interpretation that almost half of the French may have established their account for connections only, and not for checking consistent status updates from friends.


Despite the Philippines is a small country compared to the rest of the nations included on this list, over 27,033,680 users, against the population of 95.8 million, or 28.22% has their accounts created, what’s really promising is that 91.02% of these users are always engaged. It may be that they are checking status updates, commenting on photos, or even playing Facebook games like Farmville and others.

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United Kingdom

From being number three in December 31, 2010, next to Indonesia and the US, United Kingdom has now fallen to number seven because of its slow growth over the last 12 months from 28,661,600 to 30,469,920, or just 5.93% of its total audience, where just 59.23% are always on the go for Facebooking. As Facebook is targeting teens for more use, UK has over 25.5% of people ages 25-34 using their accounts and teens ages 18-24 are 1% behind.


Turkey has also fallen down the ranks from being number four last year to only being sixth, despite of having over 6,799,500 new users from December 2010. The 30,963,100 individuals share an online audience of 88.47% where there are more male users than female ones, with percentage of 63.3 against 36.7. Teens also make the majority of the updates, being at 33.6%.


Thanks to the new 12,501,780 users that peaked the figures from 18,488,700 to over 30,990,480 to date, Mexico has gained two spots higher from number seven. This is a few of the countries that are greatly engaged in this new social networking fad, that 100% of these account holders are frequent in opening their Facebook accounts.


Brazil can be mentioned as the greatest gainer in this list because it has taken the fourth spot from being number 17 by the end of December 2010. Just how many users did Brazil have in just a year? From an average figure of 8,821,880, it has now climbed to 35,154,500 or a growth of over 398.49%, or having over 26,332,620 new online Facebook fans over the last 12 months.

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India is known to steadily climb the pace of being a developing country in many aspects, including online technology and internet. It is also a great gainer thanks to the new 24,113,520 users that have created their accounts from the end of December 2010, to date. The 41,402,420 from 17,288,900 has taken its place against last year’s number three, which is UK.


There has been much change in the rankings early this year 2012, but aside from the United States that steadily ranks as being the country with the most Facebook users, Indonesia has consistently kept is station, because of the 41,777,240 accounts it has. Despite of being 32,129,460 strong last year, 9,647,780 still decided to create an account anyway, where teens ages 18-24 are taking the lead, even 41.7% of the total Facebook population in the country.

 United States

It looks like expectations are still met for the US being the number one Facebook country in the world. After all, even if it did not move from its first place last year of having over 145,749,580 users, it still cannot be moved. Nevertheless, users have still grown to over 157,415,180, despite of rumors flying around that US will have a slump on growth on the rest of the year.

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