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Most Popular Nightclubs in the World

Top 10 Best Nightclubs in the WorldThe nightlife is a synonym to nightclubs. Without the nightclubs and parties, the life can be a bit boring. For the people who are adventurous and love dancing, nightclubs have a lot to offer on the platter. The nightlife trend has arisen from the western world but it is now making rounds in the Eastern countries too. The presence of a DJ, nice environment and a good crowd makes a night pleasant in the clubs.

A nightclub needs more than just one element to become popular and to touch the hearts of the people. It is one place where people can hear music and enjoy with their friends to the optimum. There are no sidekicks to this concept. There is no better platform for the DJ’s to perform and for the people to hear nice tunes.

Top 10 Best Nightclubs in the World

Cielo, New York City

New York City is known for its vibrant night life and it never disappoints. The phrase “I love New York City” settles the best for the fun that can be served in the city. Cielo is one of the best nightclubs in the world. It is situated in the heart of the NYC. DJ Nicholas Matar was the mastermind of this club and it is running incredibly well since then. This nightclub has a very recreational atmosphere within and plays great tunes. All the top DJ’s of the world have performed here.

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The Guvernment, Toronto

Toronto is popular for having a great lifestyle and people are crazy for parties and good music. When it comes to the music and environment, The Guvernment does not disappoint by any standards. It is built in a space of 22,000 square feet and has featured artists like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and others for gigs. Partying in “The Guvernment” is itself considered to be a great win for the audience and it never disappoints.

Womb, Tokyo

Tokyo is the digital city that is busy in the day light but when the evening surfaces, people get busy in partying. The first floor of the building is dedicated to the restaurant and the second floor has a dance floor where people can booze out and dance. Saturday nights are the most awaited evenings in the club as popular DJ’s from all around the world come here to perform.

Ministry of Sound, London

Ministry of Sound has recently celebrated the 22nd anniversary and it continues to be one of the best nightclubs in the world. It does not accommodate most people without a prior booking and going to this club is indeed a great prestige for the people. One of the best artists from the world come and perform in the “Ministry of Sounds”.

LIV, Miami

Miami is a place that is full of party freaks and people go there to relax over the weekends. Celebrating weekends usually mean that the people intend to go for nightclubs. The parties stay here for the whole night and the booze is also not very expensive. The classic tunes mixed with the recent ones make a great atmosphere for the people to enjoy.

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Space, Ibiza

Ibiza is home to party freaks and it hosts one of the greatest parties in the world. Space, which is a nightclub situated in the heart of Ibiza never disappoints the entrants with its music and the crowd. While going there, you can either reserve a VIP table or go there as a normal entrant. It has entertainment for everyone.

Zouk, Singapore

Singapore is coming off late as one of the best destinations for the party lovers. Zouk is the oldest club in Singapore and was established in the year 1991. Since then, it is hosting great parties and the striking part about it is that Zouk can accommodate as many as 4000 people.

Green Valley, Brazil

Brazil is the place where people are the most relaxed. Amidst the beaches and beauty, Green Valley serves the best platform for the DJ’s to perform in front of the admiring crowds. Armin Van Buuren himself played a couple of times in the club and it has raised the standards of the club even more.

Fabric, London

London is a vibrant town that accommodates all kinds of people including hipsters, party freaks and elegant generation. Fabric is the King of nightclubs in London. It is one of the best nightclubs in the world. Saturday nights are most awaited in the club and people anxiously wait for it to unfold by making prior reservations.

Pacha, Ibiza

Ibiza hosts many great nightclubs and one of them is Pacha. It stays to be the best in business with exclusive clubbing methods. 3000 clubbers can be accommodated in the place and there are more than two DJ’s performing on the special nights.

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