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Most Popular New Technology Updates

top-10-new-technology-updatesThe last years are the miraculous years with many mind blowing and amazing technologies debuting that has revolutionized the world completely. iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab were among most exciting new attractions for the customers and now after experiencing all these techs, people are looking forward for more innovative and distinctive new gadgets and other technologies which will steal the show and rock the market.

Believe me is the year of innovations and just have a little patience when all these new technologies will be in your hand. So taking this opportunity I have gathered the information of some of the hottest and most anticipated new technologies.

New Video Games

Many of the hit franchises will release new updates. The most awaited Metal Gear Solid: Rising along with Batman: Arkham City, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 3, Socom 4, Crysis 2 and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One will hit the market throughout this year.

Atom Based Tablets

Now Tablet computers are gradually becoming very famous and common among the customers. Here is another cool news for tablet lovers that now tablet computers will also be available featuring Intel Atom Processors.

Nintendo 3DS

The all new glasses free Nintendo 3DS will very soon hit the market this year. Here are the powers packed specifications of this awesome gadget.
3.53-inch widescreen top screen with 800-by-240-pixel resolution, 3.02-inch lower screen with 320-by-240-pixel resolution, glasses-free 3D, two rear-facing cameras (0.3 megapixel) for 3D imaging, one front-facing camera for head tracking, touchscreen, stylus inputs, ad hoc multiple-device Wi-Fi connection, 802.11 Wi-Fi

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PSP Phones

Have you ever heard of PSP Go running smartphone software? With the Sony Ericsson Play Phone PSP phones have now entered in the market to set new records, Android based Sony Ericsson Play phone can run PSP games in full graphics.

Windows 7 Tablets

After the success of iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, new tablets computer will hit the market this year featuring the Windows 7 OS. Now this is very good news for all of us because Windows has maintained its position of being the most frequently used Operating System over the years.

Sharp 3D Android Phones

Another very mind blowing new technology will debut this year. Yes I am talking about the 3D Phones. You can enjoy your favorite movies and games in this particular 3D Android Phones without wearing the glasses. The specs of these phones will be Android 2.2 (Froyo), 1GHz processor, 9.6-megapixel camera (model 003SH), 720p video capture, 8.0-megapixel camera (model 005SH), up to 32GB MicroSD card storage support.

Sony Vaio 3D Laptop

Here is another very cool gadget that will feature 3D technology. Sony Vaio has promised that this laptop will steal the show because of its high and power packed specifications. This laptop will have a 16-inch LCD display, active-shutter glasses required, 1920-by-1080 2D resolution.

Sprint 4G Tablet

Sprint 4G tablet will be the first tablet that will feature the new and amazing technology of 4G WiMax network. It will be releasing very soon this year.

BlackBerry PlayBook

We all are aware of this fact that BlackBerry is a perfect cell phone for business purpose. But here is another cool gadget by BlackBerry that has rocked the market in 2011. BlackBerry Playbook is a Tablet computer and has become a direct competitor with Apple iPad since its limited release in April 19 2011. It will be available in all the countries very shortly.

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Windows 8 Public Beta

Deeper integration between home, mobile, and work computers, app store, simplified interface compared to Windows 7, expanded digital media support, improved startup time and power management these are all the new attractions that you will experience in the upcoming Windows 8 Public Beta. Well only Microsoft knows that when they will release this but take my word, this is the most anticipated technology.


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