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Most Popular Modern Airplanes In The World

top-10-most-modern-airplanes-in-the-worldJoseph Montgolfier in the year 1777 observed laundry drying of clothes over fire. From there he obtained the source code over which modern aviation would later grow over in the following years. Five years later, globe aerostatique was launched by the Montgolfier from Paris western fringe.

This hot air balloon landed on some hills between the windmills with the on-board fire floating upwards. The balloon was set on fire and the pilot used his coat to bring the fire down.

One year later Dr. John Jeffiwers floated the first hydrogen balloon across the English Channel. After more than a century, a controlled and powered heavier than aircraft took flight in the USA, Kitty Hawk. 66 years after this Nail Armstrong walked on the moon for about two hours. Since man landed on the moon, aircraft technology has grown at a breakneck speed.

Today, there are modern and highly sophisticated aircrafts built on super-energetic fuels and constant development of technology materials and platforms. The 21st century has more advanced radars, better thrust, better communication systems, electronic warfare and beyond visual range. The scientists are not just going stealth but are working to reduce the plane sounds with a goal of making the plane totally invisible.

Here is a discussion on the top 10 most modern airplane in the world. The most modern planes worldwide is chosen based on the technology, aircraft specifications, performance and armament fit;

F-22 Raptor Stealth Jet

F-22 Raptor Stealth Jet is the most technologically advanced fighter jet world over. The aircraft was fast designed by Lockheed Martin Company which was intended to counter Russia’s coming generation fighter its currently on air.

The Raptor has lots of capabilities; it launches air to air strikes, electronic warfare, air to land assault, and brings down flying missiles. It travels at supersonic speed and is invisible to any kid of x-band radars under operation today. Runs on two engines powered by super thrust. The aircraft is fully computerized and installed with two super computers operating all its functions.

B-2 Spirit Bomber

B-2 Spirit Bombers were built from highly advanced stealth technology, making them very difficult to be detected by radar signals, electromagnetic or infrared signals. The plane can penetrate enemy territories without being detected and cause massive destruction. The airplane was used in the Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. US currently has only about 21 of these crafts because they are very expensive.


SU-35 runs on two jet engines, has only one seat, multi role and super maneuverability fighter. The jet have its framework protected due to its high overtaking speed and the landing weight, this is why it is fitted with two front wheels. It has enhanced stealth radar to protect it from X radio waveband.

Euro Fighter Typhoon

An advanced aircraft from four syndicate firms from Germany, Spain, UK and Italy. At the moment the Typhoon operates with Saudi Arabia and NATO. It also has twin engines. It is indeed an air aggressor and have unrivaled air superiority.

Super Sukhoi; SU-30 MKI

The aircraft is currently designed to carry BrahMos cruise missile. The jet is installed with super electronic warfare systems, new radars and computer systems.


Dassault Rafael is French avionic. It is a 4+++ generation jet with double engines. It is equipped with updated tracking systems, advanced radars and EW suites.

JAS 39 Gripen NG

This is a Swedish Air force innovation. Has adopted fly by wire technology to promote the plane stability. It is very light in weight and only uses one engine. It has all weather combat capabilities and can yield both at night and day.

F/A-18 Super Hornet

The best amongst the 4the and 45 generation jets. It has twin engines, advanced weapons systems, internal 20 mm gun, launch air to surface weapons and air to air missile launch. Works perfect in all weather conditions, both at day and night. Advanced attack capability angle and can is refueled in midair.


F-15 is the best amongst its peers. It has high acceleration power, excellent handling and better turning. It has an inbuilt pulse-Doppler radar system that detects targets below and above. The electronic warfare devices warn during danger and are automatically set to react appropriately in all situations.

F-16 Fighting Falcon

A multirole aircraft, single engine, and incorporates lots of modern technologies. Owned by several nations due to its proven combat capabilities.


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