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Most Popular Mental Disorders in the World

top-10-mental-disordersWhen someone is behaving in an unusual manner that is not expected out of a normal human being, then he or she is said to be suffering from some mental illness or disorder.

Many of them have become very common owing to escalating rate of tensions and problems taking place in one’s life. As the world is progressing upwards in technological aspects, in the similar fashion man is becoming busy and mentally occupied all the time in the pursuit of achieving more and more.

Nowadays, because of numerous global factors, life as a whole for a common man is miserable and he has to put his shoulders to the wheel to meet both ends. These disorders are also genetic sometimes and need to be treated properly.

Let us look at some of the mental disorders which we are confronting nowadays.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

As the name suggests, a person suffering from this disorder is extremely antisocial and avoids going to places with much crowd. They think the society is not going to accept them and they will be rejected for the reason they don’t know. Some of the characteristics of these persons are behaving violently, lying, stealing, or generally acting recklessly with no concern for the safety of themselves or others.

Multiple Personality Disorder

In simple terms, it is like existence of more than one individual in one body. When exposed to some certain stimuli or environment, these people change their personality and start acting like as if there is someone else speaking from inside their body. They don’t have any control over what happens to them time and again. This disorder can be dangerous sometimes as the affected person turns out to be violent and may harm the other person. The possible cause behind this scene may be some childhood trauma. People with DID have anywhere from two to over a hundred different personalities that alternately take over their bodies.

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How can you pronounce “an apple” if the letters which your mind is reading are “na alpep”?. This is exactly the problem with people suffering from Dyslexia. They experience very hard time reading text and are normally well below average in reading and comprehension. If they get guidance from a person who understands Dyslexia, then it is quite possible that they will catch up rest of the class.


These people hear umpteen different voices within their heads and the source of these voices is outside their mind. Notwithstanding, it is not necessary that all of the people suffering from this mental disorder experience the same affect, rather there are other things also such as hallucinations (actually seeing or hearing things that don’t exist), delusions disordered thoughts, lack of affect, or, in catatonic schizophrenia, even a lack of desire to move at all.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

This disorder created a Chinese wall in between an individual suffering from this and the rest of the world. They are not able to communicate with the other people for no apparent reason. This is a very severe problem but recently some organizations have lend a sympathetic ear to the concerns of these people and are trying their best to come up with a cure to this mental illness. It has been observed that these people can returned to normalcy by giving them proper therapy.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

It is very difficult for these people to focus on something and complete any given task. They focus on other things in their ambience rather than focusing on the task assigned to them. They can concentrate on things which arouse their interest and fail to focus on other things. They must learn to control this thing and overcome this problem.

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Selective Mutism

These people either refuse to speak at all or they have been traumatized in the past. Two possible reasons for not speaking to others is that either they are afraid to speak or are suffering from social anxiety disorder and find this thing (keeping quiet) as a final resort to secure themselves from other people.


Feeling blue

These people hurt themselves intentionally probably because they want to die or want to attract the attention of others towards them. This is a way to handle one’s inner pain and distress and many people who do this are actually try to avoid suicide by channeling out their feelings in somewhat safer way.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

These people are really irritated of germs and are very particular about cleanliness. These are often called neat freaks and/or germophobes and these have two characteristics. First, they have recurring thoughts of something which they obviously don’t want to think of. Second, these people think that doing some certain ritual will get rid of the danger. These can be washing hands, keeping their house in perfect order, checking that the door is locked or thinking certain words.

Reduplicative Paramnesia

People suffering from this disorder believe that the place or location they are in has been duplicated and it exists in two or more places simultaneously or it may be the case that particular place has been relocated to some other place.


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