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Most Popular Johnny Depp Characters

top-10-best-johnny-depp-charactersJohnny Depp is a versatile actor, who can perform anything, going into the depth of that character. Johnny Depp’s full name is John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II, who was born in 9th June, 1963 and is an amazingly talented American Actor, musician, director and also a producer. Johnny Depp started his career in 1984 and up till now he has been a reason to many huge hits, like The Pirates of the Caribbean sequel.

Johnny Depp started his career with a television series called 21 Jump Street, and then was casted in a movie and played the role of Edward Scissorhands in 1990. His huge hit was the Sleepy Hollow in 1999 and the first movie of the sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003 and another movie of his called “The Charlie and the chocolate factory”. In all the three movies his character was different from one another but still, they were a huge success.

And now he gave his voice services for the movie “Rango” which is a totally superb movie, you can feel the sexiness of Johnny Depp;’s voice in the whole animated movie. In 2007 he played the role of Sweeney Todd who was a demon Barber of Fleet Street and then in 2010 he played a role in the movie Alice in the Wonderland, and totally rocked the movies with his awesome acting skills.

If you see the list of the movies you’ll see the versatility of his acting style, I must say he is MARVELLOUS! I think I am praising too much about him :p so, sticking back to the topic of my post i.e. The Top 10 Best Johnny Depp characters until now.

So, enjoy the list, I am sure you will love Johnny Depp more after this!

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10. Gilbert Grape

He played the role of a caring brother, called Gilbert Grape who is busy always taking care of his younger brother Arnie. The name of the movie is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. Gilbert Grape’s brother has a developmental disability and both of the brothers perform their yearly ritual of camping at some recreational field, Johnny Depp in this role, is a totally responsible young lad who has the responsibility of taking care of his brother, repairing the old farm house and managing his romance!

9. Ichabod Crane

Johnny Depp has played the role of a highly efficient person with an interest in the post mortem examination, having awesome investigation techniques and is highly quick in resolving the matters. Sleepy Hollow is the movie, in which Johnny Depp is assigned to a Valley where he has to kill the Hessian Horseman.

8. Raoul Duke

This is a totally Las Vegas type movie, named Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Johnny Depp played the role a highly addicted person named Duke who can take almost every drug! He is a cynical and eccentric type of person considered to be the source f opinions and quotes, and denying that he even had those experiences in his life.

7. Glen Lantz

Johnny Depp played the role of a high school student in the movie A Nightmare on the Elm Street. His character is about a kid who has some strange nightmares who actually are responsible for the death of his two beloved friends, but Glen Lantz doesn’t admit that to his friends. He has a girl friend Nancy Thompson who tries to confront the Krueger in her dreams, so she asks Glen to stay awake and wake her up after specific time, but the change of events begins when Glen himself falls asleep and was later killed by Freddy Krueger. This is an awesome movie and Johnny depp acted the best using some of his own stunts in the killing scene.

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6. Sweeney Todd

Johnny depp played the role of a barber in the movie called Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street. He murders many victims by using his lever and if some of the victims survive he then slit their throats with his straight razor. His own friend disposes off the bodies by baking fresh meat pies and sold them at his pie shop. This character is no doubt one of the best characters of Johnny Depp and he performed it really well!

5. John Dillinger

Now this one is another totally different character of Johnny Depp where he performs the role of a gangster plus a bank robber in US. The story of the movie “Public Enemies” is about how he adopted his criminal career and what he does after being one. There is this one dialogue of him that is the best saying, ““I will be the meanest bastard you ever saw when I get out of here.”

4. Edward Scissorhands

It is no doubt an epic character of Johnny Depp from the movie Edward Scissorhands. Edward Scissorhands is basically a human created person who has everything normal but the hands, the inventor invented a humanlike boy but before he could complete his work, he gets a heart attack and dies. So the Edward Scissorhands is left behind in the lonely castle, so he takes off his anger by hurting and being cruel to the people.

3. The Mad Hatter a.k.a Tarrant Hightopp

Alice in the Wonderland is the movie in which Johnny Depp played the role of a Mad Hatter and during Alice’s stay in the wonderland, even though he is highly loyal to his white queen still protects Alice. This is one of the most difficult characters of Johnny Depp because he has to put human emotions to a person who is not human, who has been poisoned enough to become what he is in the movie, but he also has a little human side and amazing emotions.

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2. Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is a character from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp played this role professionally! In the movie it is shown that Willy Wonka has the worst childhood, where he was tortured by his father who used to burn each of his candy’s each Halloween, then once he gets a chance to eat one chocolate and there he starts having recipes of different chocolates and cadies in his mind and then starts his own career by opening a candy shop of his own. Then he finds threats from his rivals and hence does some efforts to run the Chocolate factory and not letting it to be shut down.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is the most awesome character of Johnny Depp which is still alive! He plays tricks on everybody who gets into his ways and does everything to achieve his goals. He has a totally different tone and gate in this particular movie sequel, sort of a drunken way of walking and weird hand gestures. He is the person who survives every time when things are worst even.


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