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Most Popular Horror Movies Of Hollywood

1160932 - Evil Dead Many people love to watch horror movies. They have this craze for the sense of fear and thrill that encompasses one as one watches the horror movies.

The Goosebumps we get due to the creepy music and scenes that take the breadth away is what we love the most.

So in this article we will talk about the top ten horror movies of all times.

10. The Cabin In The Woods

A group of five friends take a break and decide to go out and spend time somewhere. The find this cabin in the woods but later they find out that the cabin has a weird and strange truth about it that is hidden from them.

9. Nightmare on Elm Street

The original movie was released in 1984 and then its remake in 2010. The movie is about a serial killer who wears gloves with sharp blades. He take over the minds of people and starts to haunt them ultimately resulting in their death. The people who have these visions also end up dead in real life.

8. House Of Wax

The story is about a group of friends who go out for camping in a weird location. They find a small town which has an amazing wax museum. The wax museum has humans’ waxed figures but the wax statues seem so perfect. It is only later that they realize they have been put in a dangerous trap of two mad brothers who start killing each of them one by one.

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7. Evil Dead

The very famous movie that was released in 1980 and last year its remake was made. The story is about a group of friends and two siblings. The girl Mia is quite disturbed after her mother’s death and upset. Things start to go wrong when one of the friends finds an old chained book and despite warnings he opens it and reads it. this sets free a demon that takes over Mia and she starts to kill her friends.

6. Silent Hill

Silent hill is a small town. The town has a tragic history after which it was abandoned. A couple make their way to the town because their daughter has had strange visions of the town and has tried to kill herself. The girl’s mother gets trapped once she enters Silent Hill finding her daughter. Later she realizes that the town is cursed and her daughter has a link to the tragedy that took place there.

5. Case 39

Emily Jenkins is a social worker who takes orphan kids and provides them with families willing to adopt them. She is assigned a new case where she is shocked to know that the little girl Lilith has parents that are alive. But the strange thing is that her parents have tried to burn her alive. She is disturbed by the fact and takes custody of Lilith. Its only later that she begins to realize that something is really wrong with Lilith.

4. Insidious

The story is about a child who gets trapped in a weird world of demons and evil forces. His father tries to rescue him by taking help of a paranormal investigator. It is later that things start to turn worse.

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3. The Exorcist

This was the first movie that was released in 1973 and introduced the concept of exorcism and was a huge hit. Ever since then there have been a lot of movies on exorcism and likewise. A teenage girl is possessed by demons. Her mother seeks the help of two priests who try saving the girl from the demon by performing exorcism.

2. The Conjuring

A family is terrorized as they move into their new house and strange things start to happen. The mother wakes up the next morning with bruises on her arms. The paranormal activities start to grow day by day. The family takes help of paranormal analysts who find out that the property on which the house is built has been cursed by a woman who hung herself from the tree in the backyard. No matter what the family does the demon will not leave?

1. The Possession

The best horror movie of all times that will give you chills down to your spine. It is based in the concept of exorcism. A couple has had a misfortunate divorce and the guy moves to a new house with his two daughters. The youngest daughter finds a strange box in an auction and brings it home. The box is possessed by a demon which compels the girl to open the box. Once the demon has been set free it occupies the girl and starts eating her soul.


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