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Most Popular Holiday Destinations in the World

So, are you that kind of person that wants to travel the world, but you don´t know where to start?

It is difficult to choose a destination that fits for you, although there are so many beautiful places in the world!

Here is the top 10 of best holiday destinations


New Zealand

Why don´t you go to new Zealand? This is an Island group in the Tasmanian sea, near to Australia. This beautiful country has a unique geography and has a very special fauna and flora. The reason of that, is because it is a long distance away from any other countries or Island groups. Because of the special and remote location, you can find animals and plants that are nowhere else in the world. It is also the country where the movie ´The Lord Of The Rings´was filmed, and also the movies of ´The Hobbit´. It is the perfect place for backpacking, or renting a camper van and drive around. The people who live there are called Maori´s.


Thailand is a very popular destination for young people, because everything is so cheap in there. It has very beautiful nature and the people are very friendly. Although there can be a lot of criminality, if you watch your back, everything will be just fine. Many people can have a culture shock the first time they go there, but you will adapt very soon. All the little Islands are so beautiful with white beaches and heavenly blue water. You can enjoy a nice drink in the small bars all over the country, or taste some delicious local foods. Thailand is the place to be for a cheap travel!


If you want to travel to Iceland, you want to go there is summer. The temperatures are really nice: not too cold, and not too warm. Don´t go there in winter time, because you won´t be able to see a lot because of the huge amount of snow. But, when spring is coming and the snow is melting, you can rent a 4×4 car and make a road trip around the country and see its spectacular landscapes, visit volcanoes or go swimming in a natural hot spa. You can also go to a nice fish restaurant to eat some fresh catched fish! When it comes to language, Icelandic is a very special language but most people can help themselves in English.

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Cambodia deserves the 4th place in the top 10 holiday destinations for 2015. It is located next to Thailand, and many people who travel around do those countries in the same time. There is a little difference in the culture, but for the rest it is basically the same. Just like Thailand, Cambodia has a variety of beautiful nature and amazing wild animals. Also the special local foods are delicious, although they can be spicy! This is the perfect cheap holiday destination for young people who like to travel and discover new places. To make a long story short: Cambodia is the perfect place for cheap travelling in 2015!


Have you even been to Australia? It is a very beautiful country, with a lot of things to see and do. The bad thing about it, is that there are quite many dangerous animals like crocodiles, snakes and sharks. But that shouldn´t keep you away from there! Australian people are very nice and friendly, and they are knows for enjoying a wild and free life! The capital of Australia is Canberra. Many people think that Melbourne or Sidney is the capital, but that is just because they are the most popular cities. In fact, Melbourne has been the capital of Australia until 1972, but Sidney has never been. Travelling to Australia can be pretty expensive and they can be picky about the people who they let in. You need to apply for a visa, and if they don´t like you, you are screwed.

United Kingdom

Many people don´t see the UK as a travel destination, but it is really worth going there! Specially London is a famous place with a lot of fancy stores and restaurants. Although the UK is not the place to be if you want to see spectacular nature, it is known for their very steep cliffs next to the ocean. There are very beautiful landscapes all over the place! You can also rent a car and drive around to see the numerous castles and lakes. Next to that you can visit the smalls pubs where you can drink a typical English pint. Though, it can be rainy sometimes because it is basically an Island in the middle of the ocean, so you might want to take a rain jacket or a good umbrella. A good thing to do is look for a UK travel agency. They can tell you how to travel cheap in the UK.

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Go and have a look in Norway. It is one of the best countries to visit in the northern part of our planet and the best way to do that is with a camper van. The roads lead you through the beautiful fjords where you can see the most spectacular views. Bring your tent and so some camping! Though, if you go in mid summer, you might not sleep very well because it is not getting dark in there! If you are driving with a car, you have to be careful with reindeer. Those animals are all over the place, and they just walk around on the streets. Drive to the small villages and find a nice camping site next to a beautiful lake or coast line, and enjoy a nice swim after having a delicious barbecue! Life can be good, right?


Have you even been thinking about going to Jamaica? No doubt you have heard about it. It is the home land of the reggae legend Bob Marley and home of the original Rasta´s. The country has a lot to offer: Beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature and a lot of small Islands with awesome beaches and little bars where you have no problems with spending your day. If you are that kind of person that likes adventure, you can go on a safari and explore the Jamaican wild life.


Are you interested in travelling to Peru? You should go for it! Peru will be one of the best places to visit in 2015, and they expect a lot of visitors! What makes it so interesting is the ancient history of the country. The famous Maya´s have been living there and they left their traces. Explore the history of this country and be amazed about when the people in the past were able to do.

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Costa Rica

This country is located in the connection point between North and South America. It is full of jungle and wild life! The people are very friendly and they will make sure that you will have a good time in there! The coolest thing to do, is go on a multiple day hike in the jungle, and become one with nature. Make sure that you have a good guide with you, because you don´t want to get lost in there. Every year people get lost in the big jungle full of wild animals and dangerous insects. They will never be seen again!


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