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Most Popular Halloween Costumes Inspired By Comic Books

top-10-halloween-costumes-inspired-by-comic-booksComic books remain very popular. Along with DC Comics and Marvel Comics, there are many independent comic book artists that have created memorable characters.

When looking for a Halloween Costume but don’t know what to choose, here are a couple of characters that you could be this 31st October:


There are many types of Batman costumes available.

Along with what Adam West wore in the 1960’s TV series, the Batman suit that Christian Bale donned in the Christopher Nolan trilogy is also incredibly popular.


As with Batman, there are many Superman costumes to choose from.

The costume that Henry Cavill donned in the 2013 movie ‘Man of Steel’ is entirely different from what Christopher Reeve wore in four films because his doesn’t have red underwear.


A relatively new comic book, Kick-Ass has been made into several films.

Multiple characters, such as Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, continue to inspire people of all ages who are searching for a memorable costume.

Dr Manhattan

A character from the ‘Watchmen’ graphic novel, Dr Manhattan’s costume is easy to recreate.

If worn in a warm climate, a pair of shorts and blue body paint is all that’s required. When the temperature drops at Halloween, a blue body suit can be bought instead in order to keep warm whilst looking just like Dr Manhattan.


A Supergirl costume is perfect for wives and girlfriends who want a similar outfit to their partner who will be dressed as Superman. A variety of designs are available. Not only can a cloth design be chosen but also a full Supergirl costume that has a red skirt and knee high boots.

The Incredible Hulk

A Marvel Comics character, the Incredible Hulk is a popular costume. Green body paint can be bought and also a red pair of shorts.

To look just like the Incredible Hulk, buy a green padded suit.


Spiderman’s costume can not only be red but also pink. As both men and women want to wear a Spiderman costume, a woman can choose a pink design.

Available in a variety of sizes, adults and children alike can wear a Spiderman costume to a Halloween party.

Captain America

Captain America has been popular for years and not just because he was one of the lead characters in the 2012 movie ‘The Avengers’. Difficult to recreate entirely from scratch, a Captain America costume should be bought from an online retailer that has it and also every accessory, such as a shield.

The Riddler

One of Batman’s many enemies, the Riddler’s costume is infamous.

With his green jacket and leotard that is covered in question marks, buy a cane in order to complete this outfit.

Where’s Wally?

Originating from a children’s book, Wally is an instantly recognizable character. With his black rimmed glasses and striped jumper, both a man and a woman can choose Wally as their Halloween Costume. Online retailers typically have entire Wally costumes available in many different sizes.


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