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Most Popular Great New Year Resolution Ideas

top-10-great-new-year-resolution-ideasWith the New Year just around the corner we all have a new beginning standing right beside the door waiting to knock and enter right away.

Since ages we all have been subjected to something to New Year Resolutions – a list of promises that we all make and literally promise to keep those promises intact and follow diligently throughout the upcoming year.

BUT, crossing through the lanes of half-baked promises to actually breaking some of them altogether, only few of those promises actually reach the stage of fulfilment.

But there indeed lies some great ideas for new years resolutions which one makes, or should at least make every year and should always stick to them. They are simple yet unique and worth trying out; have a look:

Adopt a Pet

Cat, dog, rabbit, birds – you have quite a variety to choose from when it comes to pet. Join hands to stop the animal trade and adopt a homeless pet this new year. Pets are those companions to you who would stay with you in all your thick and thins, ups and downs, no matter what. They are the true ones whom you can actually count upon. No offence, but pets are quite a better option when it comes to friend instead of fellow human beings. Dogs, or cats, fishes or parrots – they will listen to all your hues and cries and craziness and joy and what not… they will listen to it all without any counter complain or arguments.

Fun With Family

Family is not an important thing, it is everything. Families are undoubtedly THE MOST important thing in life; it is the most precious thing to cherish all your life. But often for work or for any other reason or simply because we wish for ME time too often, we simply ignore our family. Especially in present times when the word “privacy” has taken a new level altogether, we actually tend to miss out a lot that a ‘family time’ can potentially offer. All those little cat fights with your sister cousin, difference of opinions with your uncle or simply that irritating little geek that keeps annoying you… surely all such things seem to be quite unbearable at times. Yet, the combination of all these serve as the best buffet of special moments that you surely will cherish throughout your life. So next time no excuses for skipping family get-togethers and just hopping onto the fun that you I bet you will have attending them.

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Get A Gadget

Okay, so this is for all those who have a delicate hands while handling gadgets. Yes… I am talking of all those ‘technologically-challenged’ people out there, just like me. :-p Get a gadget right away and learn to handle them in a more proper and effective way, so that next time you have a shut down of your lappy or ipad and you simply have no clue what to do with all those wires and the tabs!!! The crux is… get tech savvy guys!!!

Say No To “Waste”

Okay, admit it that we all actually waste a lot of things given our vanity. To be precise, think about the time when you bought a dress against a whopping amount and did not wear it ever because you simply went off mood afterwards. Yes, that’s what exactly happens with us. We often tend to do the same with our foods as we simply throw away those pizza crumbs or the last piece because we are not willingly take a bite of it any more. This new year, pledge not to waste anything unnecessarily and also swear to stick to it; because every bit of what we waste can be of immense value to someone who actually needs it more than anything else.

Go for A Blind Date/Invite The Cupid

We all have our fair shares of heartbreaks and patch-ups. But life is all about break-ups and patch-ups, right guys??? So let’s not take things too seriously and gorge on some fun. And by fun I don’t mean going literally all crazy and actually having no clue what you are up to. But taking a risk is another thing; go for a blind date for once… take the risk… who knows may be you actually get to meet your soul mate in one of those blind dates. :-p 😀

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Learn a Language

Learning a new language is not at all easy… but always fun!! It allows your access to diverse cultures and opens up the new passage of explorations. Learning a new language always adds to your personality as literally new world gets opened up in front of you. Not only because it makes you knowledgeable but the journey is always filled with fun and excitement.

Diary Entries

Diary writing is one of the most beautiful event that one can have – it’s completely my personal opinion but trust me guys it is. And I am sure those who actually keep a diary will understand the little joys that one gets while flipping the pages of it sometimes later. It is like your very own time machine that will take you to all those cherishing moments of your past with just a flip of the pages. Plus, it can also be the ‘one’ with whom you can actually share all the secrets without fearing of it spilling over to a wider audience. It is that non-judgemental friend whom you can always rely on.

To Quit, or not to Quit Bad Habits

Be it smoking, or biting your nails, or that one extra glass of beer that you can’t enough of… there are certain things in life that we know are bad indulgences yet can’t gather enough courage or will to get rid of them. But this new year swear on to get rid of these and strictly stick to them. At the end of the year I bet you will receive the desired outcomes becoming a better self.

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Overcome Your Fear this New Year’s

Overcoming your fear is indeed the most challenging task in your life. Yet, having the spirit to overcome those fears is something that we all should possess. It is a way to challenge yourself which will enhance your personality altogether. Always remember that fear always limits your potential and there is no running away from your fear. So it is a far more better option to face them and overcome them. It may take time but it is worthy of all your courage and willpower.

Read… A lot

Apart from the scientifically proven reasons such as reading stimulates your mental health and also helps to cope with stress, reading is a fun activity that escalates your knowledge and improves your vocabulary as well. It also makes you aware of the world in a better way and enhances your understanding of the same with an improved focus and concentration.


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