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Most Popular Fathers Day Gifts Under 20 USD

top-10-fathers-day-gifts-under-20-usdThere is a great deal of disparity among the human beings living on this earth in terms of social status and wealth. Every one of use cannot afford to live a luxury life and spend money on whatsoever thing we wish.

Sometimes we have to hold ourselves from spending for the sake of survival. But, one thing which is common to all of us is that we love our father very much.

Yes, we want to see merriment on his face every time and especially on the father’s day occasion.

Here I am going to tell you some of the gifts that won’t cost you much but that will be make your dad happy about it.

Ipod Retro Mini Speaker

If your dad is a music lover and already has iPod with him, then go get a mini speaker for him. It costs just about 19$ and some pennies. How about your mom and dad doing slow dance on the floor with some romantic music being played on the iPod?. Not bad though !

Father’s Day Casual Book

You can buy a Father’s Day casual book from the store and add in it all the pictures from your childhood. Then write down some interesting notes under each of the picture to make it even more memorable and nostalgic for your dad in the future.

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Tools-in-1 Stainless Steel Credit Card Survival Tool

This is the gift which serves multi purposes for your father. It is gadget which has a can opener, knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, wing-nut tool, saw blade, 4-size wrench, 2 position wrench and keychain hole in it. Wow ! it looks like an interminable list of tools for your dad. It is really a beneficial gift for him !.it costs around $3.99.

Fishing lures and a greeting card

Well, it depends on whether your dad loves fishing or not. But, if he does then don’t miss the chance to give him a gift of a fishing lure placed in a card. This will cost you $10 approximately. The story does not end here folks and you are still left $10 with you. How about taking him along for fishing? Don’t keep him hungry there kid and put in some nice efforts to catch a fish.


I love action movies. What about your dad? Does he love to watch action movies or those with suspense?. Movies usually cost less than $20 and you can buy him a movie of his choice. He is definitely going to enjoy the movie with his family.

More than $20? There is a way out !

If your dad has shown his interest in something that is more than $20, even then it isn’t any issue. You can coax your siblings to contribute some amount so that each one of you does not exceed $20. Yeah, in this manner you can really make your dad happy by giving him a gift which he likes the most.

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Car litter bag

Andrew ! when will you stop making my car dirty? Don’t worry folks, if your dad is used to say things like this to you in the past then the best practical gift for him is a car litter bag. It will cost you around $15 but will make a very lovely Father’s Day gift for your dad.

Even less than $20 but the best for your dad

This occasion revolves around sentiments and emotions. So, making a video of your family and sending it to your dad who is living at some distant place is a very good idea. It will make him feel good and can watch that video over and over again to refresh all the good moments.

Making a Phone call

You must be amazed that how on earth can a phone call be a gift to your dad?. But believe me guys it is actually. When one day you will be a father or you already are, than you will come to know of the importance of just a single phone call made to your dad on this special occasion. It is even more than a gift to him as he will feel himself above the salt and special in the eyes of his kid.

T-shirt or a Dress-shirt

Which is the favorite color of your dad? Does he like T-shirt or a dress shirt?. Go get a shirt for your dad on this occasion and give it as a gift to him. My father is a doctor and loved wearing new and decent shirts may be as it is a demand of the job to look neat and tidy all the time. Anyways, it is up to you to consider the liking or disliking of your dad when choosing any gift from above.

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