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Most Popular Fashion Designers of the World

Top 10 Best Fashion Designers of the WorldThe fashion industry has been evolving over the time and the designers who have aligned their collection according to the fashion trends are deemed to be successful in the market. Fashion designers always deeply study the market and consumer behavior and their collection is purely based on what people like to wear.

The fashion industry is highly demanding and requires great creativity from the fashion designer’s end. Some of the fashion designers submit themselves to numb research before launching their collection.

Being a fashion designer is like sitting on the chair made of thorns. It is not an easy job and the designer always has to evolve in terms of his thinking and in terms of his designs. The Fashion world has produced many designers until today, but only some have survived the harsh behavior of the fashion market. Out of those few fashion designers, handful of them are fashion legends. They have revolutionized the fashion industry with their collections.

Top 10 Best Fashion Designers of the World

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is the most popular and one of the best designers of the world. She is the founder of the brand, “Chanel”. She was French by origin and constructed a very modern approach to fashion world. Her marketing campaigns were always very different to the other fashion brands. She is an iconic face of the fashion industry and continues to influence people by her fashion and business sense.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent was known to employ a lot of creativity in his collections. He was good at redesigning clothes and that is where he gained much of the popularity. He is one of the best fashion designers of the world and the most celebrated designers in the country of France. He introduced the power suits for women in 1966. The men’s smoking jacket was also possible due to repeated efforts of Yves Saint Laurent.

Pierre Cardin

Cardin’s clothing always focused on the future fashion. His bubble dresses made way into the space and sci-fi movies. He expressed his opinion about the fashion through his collection. However, he lost the reputation when he started designing out of trend clothes. His legacy still remains.

Tom Ford

He is one of the youngest and one of the best fashion designers of the world. His popularity is not confined to his own personal collections. He is in fact the front face for brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. His wish was to be an actor while growing up but ended up in the fashion industry. He was nominated for the 2000 award for the best International fashion designer.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a French designer who rose to fame with his first collection named “New Look” launched in 1947. His collections revolutionized the fashion industry in a good way. Most of the women were dressed in his attire after the Second World War. These days, the perfume range of Dior is quite popular and remains to be one of the top brands in fashion.

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Ralph Lauren

The polo logo had become the brand sign of Ralph Lauren. It specializes in women’s suits and also manufactures classic men suits. Ralph Lauren is one of the best fashion designers of the world.

Donatella Versace

She has taken the name of Versace as a fashion brand to greater heights. Her sister Gianni was murdered in the year 1997 and since then Donatella has held the company together. Her collection is the most looked forward to in fashion weeks such as Milan and New York fashion weeks. Many celebs have endorsed her collections and she remains to be one of the best fashion designers of the world.

Calvin Klein

He was born in 1942 in New York and was known for his charismatic personality. He was most of the times circled by controversies but handled his success well. His collections are always a must take for the celebs and high circles. His collections are very simple yet so snazzy. He maintains a perfect balance in his clothes.

Giorgio Armani

If there are incredible suits manufactured by any company in the world, it’s Armani. The face behind this brand is none other than Giorgio Armani. He has given all his efforts to the elevation of company in the fashion world.

Donna Karan

The DKNY label comes from the company of the designer Donna Karan. She is a well known face in the fashion industry. Her collections are always very unique and celebs feel pride in wearing her label to red carpets and other important events.

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