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Most Popular Expensive Places to Live in the US

Top 10 Expensive Places to Live in the USWhether you are planning to stay in America for a short vacation or you would want to explore one of the richest places that they have, it could add more interest to you if you would discover expensive locations whether you‘ll have to avoid them or keep them in mind.

Yearly, Forbes is releasing its list of places and people who are really at its creamiest, expensive, and wealthiest. To those who are naturally born citizens of the United States, you might be amazed as to how much that one has to spend just to reach these following places, yet this would help you to assess how rich America is, despite of the economic problems that it encountered in the past.

 10. Monterey

Last year’s 2010 result was different along with Santa Barbara; Monterey replaced San Diego and San Francisco in the top list. According to results, the average rate for its room is $131.93 that would give you enough bucks to spend on your favorite get away, burger, clothes, and other gadgets.

 9. New Orleans

This is one of the favorite places that travelers would want to visit and stay; despite of the damages that Hurricane Katrina left in 2006, not just to the place but also in major hotels, it has recovered. It has the biggest comeback and with its nightly offer room rate of $132.27. It will surely recover the money that has been lost with the historical calamity.

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 8. Idaho Falls

This is not just one of the best expensive places because of its nightly room rates that average at $132.53, but it is rich in culture and a region for sceneries. Aside from that, it is recorded that this is the best place for small careers and starting up businesses.

 7. Chicago

This is part of the most expensive places that you can find in the northern part of America along with Boston, Honolulu, and New York. It still tries to pick up from the successful rate that it had in 2000, but it definitely clutches the expensive rate of $133.93 for its room rate, although it has picked up in 2008 to 2009, but it is making progress though.

 6. Miami

It is one of the perennial holders in the Washington list when it comes to beautiful landmarks and centers. In fact, it carries a status of an international hub that consistently maintains travelers and visitors, which are coming from the south. It has an average nightly room rate of $139.58.

 5. Washington, D.C.

The price on their major hotels went up by 20% including Miami, Boston, and Honolulu. Its current average room rate is $140.33. This is the best place to relax at the end of the week, which becomes the reason why it is a weekend getaway place where you can stay for a while.

 4. Santa Barbara

With $143.33, it is really a big price that made it to the fourth spot according to Forbes for this year’s expensive places in America. It actually dropped down Los Angeles City that has really made a big jumpstart. It is the place for leisure travelers, being one of the most affluent places too.

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 3. Boston

It is far from the busiest and most crowded cities known not just in America but also in any part of the world. It is one of the favorite places of tourists and travelers, who want to relax and forget the populated buildings of the city. With its $154.62 average room price, it exactly defines the unique and extraordinary deal that you can think of.

 2. Honolulu

Despite of the major drop off that transpired since 2010 due to the effects of the recession, which was one of the biggest slumps that Honolulu experienced, it is the second most expensive places in Forbes’ list again. The $158.95 average nightly room rate is still higher, although it dropped off by 12% from its 1% increase that it had in 2010.

 1. New York City

This could be the strongest city in the United States where you could see the largest gathering of major companies, corporations, and businesses. The consistent $200 rate of overnight stays dropped down to $194.14 after it experienced a 24% plunge in 2009. It is not bad at all for one of the most prosperous and biggest cities in the United States.

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