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Most Popular Emergency Items That You Need

Thousands of natural disasters occur on yearly basis around the world, therefore having a set of essential survival tools is one of the best ways to prepare for emergency situations.

There is no doubt about the recent increase of natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, powerfully destructive hurricanes and typhoons around the world while people who prepare themselves ahead of time are usually give themselves a better chance for a quick recovery and survive through the worst.

Let’s say a natural disaster like an earthquake befalls on your city or a server storm hits your little town, what do you think are the top 10 essential survival tools that you need to have?

Below we have prepared a top 10 list for you, however, keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, as each one of the motioned tools could be just as important to have as all other listed essential survival tools.

Flashlight to See and Signal

During a natural disaster, power is usually one of the first sources to be lost. Having an emergency flash light will help you find your way around in the dark. Furthermore, flashlights can be used to signal to other people who may be far away, which usually works very well in alerting search and rescue teams on the ground, sea or in the air.

Solar or Gas Power Generator

Speaking of power outage, which is extremely likely following a natural disaster, you will need to find a way to generate power for various needs like charging cell phones, batteries, lights, radio, food refrigerator, tools and more. If you believe you will need a high power production, you can use a Gas Power Generator. The down side with this type of generator is of course the availability of gas, which itself could be a problem. On the other hand you can always generate power from a portable Solar Power Generator, as long as you get a few hours of sun light. Remember, you do not necessarily have to be in a hot climate, solar generators only need sunlight to generate electricity even in the cold and the mentioned generator also has a build-in battery.

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Non Perishable Food

Availability of food is another factor to consider. When natural disasters hit, stores usually run out of food very quickly, therefore you need to keep yourself alive with Non Perishable Food. You can store can foods but keep in mind that they have shorter shelf life than dehydrated foods. Try to store a variety of long shelf life emergency food packs that are also high in protein and nutritional value and vitamins. You can use Datrix Protein Bars, which have been also been made to be light weight and portable.

Whistle to Call for Help

It is really hard to guess where you and your family would be in the midst of a natural disaster, but you may be in a secluded location, like the basement of you house, from where you need to call for help, while it could be very hard for anyone to hear you. A small emergency whistle could be the difference maker in your eventual rescue and survival. It is recommended to keep a few at different locations around your house and in your car.

Water Filter and Purification System

Another vital source that is most often lost in emergency situations is the source of drinking water. City water pipes can easily get cut off and water pumps have historically stopped in many natural disasters. In such situations finding drinkable water can be quite a challenge. Since sources of impure water can be harmful to one’s health, one of the most essential survival tools in condition like that is an Emergency Water Filter by which you would be able to turn most sources of water into drinkable water.

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Emergency First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies are usually in high demand in dire strait situations and in natural disasters medical workers, paramedics personnel and hospitals are overloaded. Therefore having your very own emergency first aid kit can be very handy in quickly treating yourself or attending to your family members or even neighbors. It is recommended to have separately portable Emergency First Aid Kit than what you use for your day to day home use. Place this kit in a designated are for times where local emergency responses and hospitals are hard to be reached.

Fire and Cooking Tools

In preparation for natural disasters you should also think about being able to start a fire and having a source of fuel for cooking and possibly keeping warm. Just like camping, a Portable Butane Stove is another important item to have, which can be used with Butane Gas Canisters. And of course, you will definitely need a reliable and storm proof lighter to be able to start fire anywhere.

Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes you need to setup fire and sometimes you need to put it out. Fire is common after natural disasters like earth quakes, lightening strikes where and when a Fire Extinguisher can be useful. However, that’s not its only use. You can use a Fire Extinguisher as one of the essential survival tools for self defense against hooligans, thieves, looters and even wild animals. You can spray your attackers with the white stuff right in their face and eyes or even defend yourself with its hard metal shell. If you are stuck or need to break out of something you can also use a fire extinguisher hard end to break through a door or even a wall. If you do end up getting a one make sure you get a Fire Extinguisher with a Flexible arm. That arm can be quite useful for better aim and a few other survival needs.

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Survival Packs

A survival pack can be very handy, because it holds all the little items that could mean the whole world to you during a natural disaster. We are not going to list all the tiny items such as hooks, ropes, pliers or heating blankets because honestly they do not belong to the list of top 10 most essential survival tools. However, in a single unit of survival pack, numerous items together can be counted as a very essential item for anyone who feels the need to prepare for the worst.

Survival Knife – Essential Survival Tools

Probably one of the most essential survival tools you can have with you during a natural disaster. A durable and good quality survival knife can be extremely handy when it comes to preparing for a natural disaster and emergency situations. If you leave your house under an emergency situation do not forget your survival knife. You do not know what you will encounter in a world that could not be taken by chaos. If you are camping or somewhere in the wild, you will definitely need one to be safe. A survival knife can help you in preparing food, building a shelter, preparing food, setting up camp and cutting ropes an other essential items.

Other essential survival tools can also include, can opener, large plastic bags, a honey bucket kit, and more and if you want specific details, how-tos and all the survival guides you can get, we recommend Sold Out After Crises.


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