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Most Popular & Easy Hairstyles to Wear to Work

5-easy-hairstyles-to-wear-to-workWhen you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, it’s enough of an effort to shower, pick out an outfit, eat a decent breakfast and brush your teeth before running out the door.

Adding an extra 30 minutes to style your hair just isn’t going to happen.

That’s why it’s important to master a few key hairstyles that look professional but take just a few minutes to perfect.

Fresh Waves

Do you long for gorgeous waves but find your hair falling limp after just a few minutes? For a great wavy, office-ready look, take a shower the night before and let your locks air dry for 10 minutes. Add a little styling product, French braid your hair and head to bed. If French braiding is too tricky, simply divide your hair into four equal sections and braid each one the regular way. In the morning, take out your braid and finger comb your hair. You’ll have beautiful waves that last all day.

The Braided Ponytail

It’s always tempting to throw your hair in a basic ponytail if you just don’t have time to get ready in the morning. For a sophisticated twist, create a gorgeous braided ponytail. Begin French braiding on your right side near the top of your forehead. Create a braid that curves across your forehead and includes all of the hair on your left side. Leave your right side braid-free and secure the ponytail at the base of your head.

Add a Headband

A headband is a great way to spruce up your normal work hairstyle. Whether you wear a basic ponytail, braid, topknot or another hairstyle, a headband adds polish to the look. Choose a thin band in a metallic gold or silver for an instantly sophisticated look. Or find a thicker headband that matches your outfit for a greater statement. Avoid large bows or frills that can be too girlish for work wear.

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Voluminous Ponytail

Another great twist on the classic ponytail is to pump up the volume. Creating a voluminous ponytail flatters nearly every face shape. To get the look, create a horseshoe-shaped section near the front of your head, extending from your left temple to your right. Apply a volumizing spray and tease the back side of the section with a fine-toothed comb. Then smooth your hair back and pull it into a ponytail. You should have plenty of volume on top without looking sloppy or messy. For bonus points, curl the tips of your ponytail for extra bounce.

Pinned-Back Bangs

If you like to keep your locks long and ponytail-free, add a bit of polish to the look by pinning back your bangs. If your bangs are long enough, sweep them to the side and secure with a bobby pin. Alternatively, pull them straight back to show off your great brow bone and facial structure.

A chic, office-appropriate hairstyle doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Perfect two or three great hairstyles that take just a few minutes out of your morning routine. Your polished, sophisticated looks will be the talk of the water cooler.


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