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Most Popular Countries to Study in the World

Top 10 Best Countries to Study in the WorldWith the industrialization and the development that took place in the world in recent years, it is evident that people are pushing the boundaries in terms of gaining education. Not only US but the other countries around the world are also opening their doors for the international students. They are very welcoming and the international students find it easy to adapt to the university and the culture of the country.

A foreign education is of an important value in the current prospects of the market. A person who has finished the education in a foreign country tends to develop more extrovert nature and dissolves with the culture of clients wherever they come from. Most of the companies around the world are looking for candidates like that.

Top 10 Best Countries to Study in the World


US have always remained to be the preferred destination for the international students. The major reason for the same is the high standard of the Universities. There is a great diversity among the people in the US and close to no racism exists there. US is home to universities like Harvard and Stanford, so there is no wonder why it is one of the best countries to study in the world.

United Kingdom

There are almost 4 universities in the UK that rank in the top 10 universities around the world. UK has reputed universities like Oxford and Middlesex University that score well above the other options in the other nations. UK is home to many international students and makes it a hub for education.

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France has a student inflow of 29 percent every year which is surprising. It possesses higher grades and standards when it comes to education. The engineering and management institutes in France are flourishing in the market rather quickly in the current times. Gaining an admission to the French Universities is not so difficult which adds to the preference of students to study in France.


Canada is one of the best countries to study in the world. The immigration rules of the country make it even easier for the international students to come here for study. The institutes in Canada have 15 percent of the international students that come from all parts of the world.


Italy is emerging to be the hub for international students. It is relatively cheaper to attain education in Italy than in the other countries like the US or the UK. For the students that are interested in art, architecture and similar education, then there is no other better place than Italy to study for the international students.


Australia is very strong economy when it comes to the world prospects. It is also known for the surfer beaches and other attractions onboard. The magnificence of the country’s beauty, when mixed with education can yield great results. Australia is one of the best countries to study in the world for many reasons than not.


China is currently residing on the radar of the world market and people are going there to take the lessons of Chinese. It is a very popular country among the international students because of its relaxed immigration rules. The modern face and charm of the country is accompanied with the compact educational system existing there. It is one of the best countries to study in the world.

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The German Universities have shown great interest in the international students lately and they are very welcoming these days. The German universities set high standards of education for its students and also the students have an opportunity to work and study while being in Germany.


Brazil is one of the most diverse countries in the world where you could see whites as well as black within the same boundaries. It has high standards about education and continues to set landmarks for the Universities across the world. Brazil is one of the best places to study in the world.


India is incredible as said by the experts over the time. It is known mostly for travel but the education standards of the country have also improved in the recent times. It hosts Universities like IIT and IIM which are popular across the world.

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