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Most Popular Countries to Live In

top-10-best-countries-to-live-inWorld climate is not the same and so as the economy. Life is a beautiful thing and everyone wants to live their life with peace and perfection. If we are not able to find peace and happiness in our present country, then there is no shame in shifting to another city or country.

This does not mean your current country is not good. It could be perfect. However,the climate, the economy, the opportunities that suit your talent may actually be not suitable for you.

According to international immigration rules, anyone can shift to any other preferred country with reasonable paperwork.

Here, you will find a list of top 10 best countries to live in. These countries have been ranked on different factors including security of life, job opportunities, GDP, per capita income, cleanliness and environment.


This country is perfect for adventure loving people. In the year 2014, Brazil will witness the most awaiting event of FIFA World Cup. In addition, the country has beautiful tourist locations like Crayola green and other colonial villages. Business minds can make a great living in this country. The cost of living here is also low. And, if you stay for a longer time, you will have the chance to enjoy the 2016 summer Olympics as well.


This country is known to be the technology capital of the world and the most-loved Asian country. The Japanese are lovable and caring and if you want to teach your kids the true meaning of humanity, Japan should be your choice to live in the year 2014. Their education system is practical and will cost you low as well. The country has always opportunities for skilled people.

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Iceland is among the most developed countries and this is a perfect place for those who are looking for a wealthy option for 2014. The matter of fact is that despite being a wealthy country, they don’t own any small or big army and instead they only have rescue teams along with trained coast guards. It has topped the list of most clean and the most literate countries of the world. These are some reasons to opt this country as your home for the year 2014.


It’s not only the economy and infrastructure that makes this country best for living.The people of his country make it a suitable place. A number of South Asians have shifted permanently to this country due to generous and warm Australian people. Australia is much more than a nice place to live. Their education system, GDP and per capita income are other factors for you to shift to this country in the year 2014.


There are several factors that makes it a desirable country to live in the year 2014. The Government of this country is citizen friendly and their rules and regulations are in favor of both permanent and immigrated citizen. Citizen friendly government policies are paid parental leaves, kid’s daycare with reasonable charges, free universities, etc. In addition, the transportation system is awesome that covers every part of the country.


Their government and people both are very secular and they don’t believe in communalism or religions.Their remarkably high quality of life is an example of world class infrastructure. Whether you’re a businessman, scholar, or a housewife, this place is a great choice for everyone as it is the best place to study, invest, work and live. In addition, in the last few years police force has achieved success in restricting the criminals and gangs.

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Finland is always in discussion for its great lifestyle. The place is a combination of wealth and reliable government authorities. The country stands least in corruption and high in GDP. Due to this, Forbes magazine has named it the desired place for establishing small and big businesses. The country is known to have more than 1,88,000 lakes, which means that the country will never face the deficiency of drinking water.


The quality of life is very high in this peace loving country and from many decades they have topped the list of peace loving countries. Since the inception of noble price, there has always been at least one person from Switzerland to receive the Nobel prize. In short, the country offers health, wealth, safety, trust and quality of life to every citizen. It is 3rd best country to live in 2014 because it is one of richest countries of this year.


You will never hear about this country in news channel for wrong reasons, whether its politics or the corporate world. Their Government is responsible and their rules and regulations are strict. A study conducted in the Netherlands shows that nearly 92% people have claimed that they are living a satisfied life. The maximum number of internet broadband connections, natural and clean environment and crime free atmosphere are some factors that make it perfect for a permanent home in the year 2014. Besides, the country treats dogs equally with human as they are permitted to enter in public venues.


These days, it is hard to imagine a country that is free of murders. Denmark has won over the anti-social activities like crimes and corruption. If happiness represents the quality of life in a country, then this country has scored high in happiness. With remarkable one year of parental leave, low cost child care system and encouraging bicycle rules to avoid pollution, this deserves to be your permanent residence

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