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Most Popular & Coolest Pillows

top-10-coolest-pillowsPillows are an indispensable part of our lives. For us to have a good night sleep, a pillow is a must.

The puffy and soft cushion beneath our neck helps us to sleep better. Some people prefer hard pillows, whereas some of them prefer soft pillows.

Manufacturers are coming up with new innovative ideas for pillows everyday.

Here is a list of top ten coolest pillows

Emoticon pillows

We quite often use emoticons while texting or chatting. Emoticons are an indispensable part of a text conversation. To avoid ourselves from being offensive, all we need to do is make a ‘:P’. A “;)’” smiley is frequently used to tease or flirt. These emoticons add expressions to the text conversation. It would be so cool to sleep on “:P’, “:)”, “:D”, “:O” pillows.

Tissue-dispensing pillows

Cold and cough can take a troll on our heads at times. It’s always irritating to wake up from a nice sleep and wipe the mucus off. What If we had a pillow that dispenses tissues. A pillow cum tissue box! Whenever you feel the need to blow off the mucus, simply take a tissue out and clean it. So convenient and innovative !

Pizza Pillow

Most people have a sweet tooth for pizzas. What if the pillow you sleep on looked like one? Yes, this is yet another innovative yet bizarre pillow design. And guess what? It is quite a hit among most people. The pillow has a pizza crust beneath and a full pizza topping above. With a diameter of 12 inches, the pizza pillow is made on a high quality polyester shell.

Alt ctrl del Pillow

When the computer turns dead and stops responding, alt ctrl del is what makes it alive. What if your pillows looked like these three keys? Yet again, a very bizarre innovation. But, the people are buying these pillows. For a computer freak or nerd, these pillows are like an extension of the personality. Super soft and comfy, It seem like that they’ve jumped out of your computer keyboards!

Rock Pillow

Have you ever seen a soft puffy rock? The pillow makers nowadays want to you to witness them. Rock pillows are huge, soft and puffy. They have all the characteristics of an ideal pillow. Imagine a pillow fight with the rock pillows! Created by Livingstones, the idea of rock pillows is very creative and innovative. And guess what? You can easily say- My Pillow rocks (literally)!

Book Pillows

We all remember sleeping on an open book during our school days. The Book was a great place to rest our heads at. What if there was a pillow that would let us do that again? Yes, the book pillow is soft, puffy, and super comfortable. It’s the best gift for our geek friends. At $ 102, you can get the Book Pillow. Perfect way to sleep on the study desk!

Alarm clock pillow

Waking up early in the morning can be a tough task. We’re used to getting up out of the bed and turning the alarm clock off, only to sleep back again. What if our pillow could do the stuff our alarm clock does? The pillow gently wakes you up by flashing lights and gently increasing the lights for about 40 minutes. You can see the time on these pillows.

Blood Puddle Pillow

Ever thought of tricking your friends? The Blood Puddle Pillow is a great tool to do that. It would look as if you’ve been shot dead. When a loved one has fallen into a deep sleep, the blood puddle pillow would succeed in tricking most people. A great combination of comfort and fear!

I-Sleep Pillow

Created by Ivonne Dippman, the I-sleep pillow uses the heat generated by your laptop to inflate and give you a cushion to rest on. It works when the laptop is on a stand by mode. A great device to doze off for a small time while working. We all need to rest for a while, while working for long hours; I-Sleep Pillow maybe the device for you!

Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow is a replica of a man’s shoulders (a strong man’s shoulders). It is perfect for girls whose boyfriends or husbands have to travel a lot. Yet another cheesy yet innovative idea, the boyfriend pillow has a decent demand in many parts of the world. It soft, strong, and comfortable.

Girlfriend Pillow

The Girlfriend lap Pillow is yet another bizarre form of pillow available in the market. It resemble the lap of a girl, for you to rest your head on it. Made from urethane foam, the Girlfriend lap pillow was developed by a Japanese manufacturer. It’s soft, puffy, and comfortable. It is a popular product among many in Japan .


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