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Most Popular Cool Metal Detecting Finds


Everyone has a different priority on what they consider a good metal detecting find.  I happen to like items that end up being extremely historic or valuable and not the average modern day quarter or jewelry.  In this post, I’m going to show off my personal ten favorite finds that have impressed me, and maybe you haven’t heard about.

Also, these images were not taken by me and are property of their respective owners.  I was researching these finds, and don’t have all the available sources to cite, so let me know in the comments if they should be removed or given credit to!

#5 Stranger Finds and Returns Wedding Ring

Mrs. Mary Marzec’s Wedding Ring from 68 years found and returned.

People find lost wedding rings every day; but the circumstances and this great human spirit makes number five on my list.  The wedding ring was lost by Mrs. Mary Marzec after wearing it for 60 straight years by flinging it off her finger trying to brush tall grass way from her knees.  She was devastated by this and frantically looked for her ring.  A nearby cop stopped and happened to have a card for a local treasure finder which he gave to Mrs. Marzec.

George Kollmer (age 75) came out to the location with his metal detector and within 10 minutes, had recovered it.  He called and then drove straight to Mrs. Marzec’s home and returned the ring along with a $50 reward she offered him.

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#4 Viking Treasure

Viking Treasure Found By a Metal Detector.

Dating back to the 10th century, David Whelan along with Andrew Whelan discovered the best Vikings treasure horde in Britain for over 150 years.  Their findings included 617 silver coins, a gold arm-ring and an extremely rare gilt silver vessel (only one of two ever found).  One of the coins dates back to 927 A.D.  The finds were made in North Yorkshire.

#3 Iron Age Jewelry

Iron Age Treasure Found By a Metal Detector.

Anyone who’s been in the metal detecting hobby for a while would kill to have the luck David Booth had.  His first ever outting ever and he happens to stumble upon jewelry from the Iron Age valued at over £1,000,000 in Scotland.  Included in the find were four gold necklaces, which were only about six inches deep dating as far back as 300 B.C.  Although by law in Scotland, the treasure is owned by the Crown, they do offer rewards for these kinds of finds which David plans to pay his car off with.

#2 Holy Trinity Treasure Find

Holy Trinity Pendant Found By a Metal Detector.

This find was found by a 57 year old woman named Mary Hannaby.  Seven years of metal detecting for fun paid off when she came across this amazing treaure valued at over £250,000 or more.  From previous accounts, the treasure was located just four inches under ground in a plowed over field for over 500 years between Ashridge and Great Gaddesden.  Without getting too religious, things like this do make you wonder about lots of things sometimes.  Mary plans to pay her mortgage off with the proceeds, but I think I’d have kept it hidden away safe.

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#1 Anglo-Saxon Battle Treasure

This is my personal favorite find ever by metal detecting due to the historic signifigance, along with the events that lead to the findings.  In London, England the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure find was uncovered by an unemployed Englishman named Terry Herbert using a very cheap metal detector he had for many years.  Who says you need an expensive metal detector to find something good?

Over 5 1/2 pounds of Silver, along with 11 pounds of gold was discovered in the over 1300 items reconvered from one spot in a recently plowed field.  The recovered items come from the 7th century but it isn’t known how, when, or why they were buried.  The most logical explanation is someone of royalty had buried war trophies, armor, and battle spoils if you will.  The value is basically priceless due to it’s historic significance on top of the value of the metals.

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