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Most Popular Cartoon Characters

top-10-best-cartoon-charactersChildhood- the wow days of our lives! Something that we surely enjoyed the most while growing up. Cartoons have dominated a large part of our growing up process. Remember those days when we used to come back from school hurriedly without wasting a single minute on the way or stopping to buy candies on the way because we did not want to miss the opening song of our favorite cartoon?

Hell yeah, we obviously remember. Those days were bliss. Those cartoons had something magical in them. We can never be thankful enough to Disney for the great boon they bestowed upon us.

It is pretty sad that today neither those cartoons are a regular on television, nor do we get the time to watch them. That’s how harsh life has been on us. But that never means we will forget those cartoons. Never ever! This article will probably be one of the best and most nostalgic ones I am going to write.

We will find that out later. For now let’s indulge in digging out some wonderful memories from the past. Here are the top 10 best cartoon characters we have ever come across.


This cartoon character was a wonder to us and a boon for all mothers. I still wonder how could someone eat spinach and make it look so yummy? I mean, it’s spinach, guys. No wonder our mothers fed us with as much spinach as they could while the cartoon was on. This sailor man made all of us want to board a ship and go on a cruise someday. It was funny how in almost every episode our hero Popeye fought with the much bigger Bluto when his lady love Olive Oyl was in danger and ultimately he won her back. The love triangle between these three was hilarious. And of course, the famous ‘munching on spinach’ scene in every episode that made Popeye as strong as iron. After all these years, we still remember Popeye as the guy who loved spinach!


Rodents could not have been any more cute than this cute yellow one! Pokemon and especially Pikachu was a rage back in those days when we were in school. It is one of the main characters of the show and how we loved it when this cute looking structure let out thunderbolts form its body. It was hard to imagine something as cute as Pikachu getting so violent. Disney marketed it well, with all sorts of Pikachu merchandise- comics, books, water bottles, tiffin boxes, tattoos, tazos, trading cards, video games and what not? Kids used to go ga-ga over owning a single piece of a Pikachu comic or a card. Pikachu was a very powerful Pokemon who attacked the villains and burnt them. How we all wished we has rabbits or cats like this one!

Bugs Bunny

I particularly loved his pair of teeth coming out and giving that mischievous look. Bugs Bunny was part of The Looney Tunes, He could literally have survived on carrots the entire day. His “Eh…. What’s up doc” used to glue us to the television set. He was a renowned prankster and we as kids loved to imitate him and his pranks on others. Bugs Bunny was so famous that he once featured on the stamps of the U.S.A in 1997. Even the younger version of Bugs Bunny which used to feature on Cartoon Network was a s hit as this version! Bugs Bunny will always be our favorite.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Picking one of the either would have been an insult to the other one left. Scooby Doo and Shaggy were literally inseparable from each other. We loved the opening song “Scoody dooby doo, where are you?”, isn’t it? Who all sid that Great Danes are dangerous dogs were quite wrong. Scooby doo must have been the cutest and most harmless Great Dane ever. Scooby Doo was basically the story of four teenagers- Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, but it was this dog who used to steal the show in every episode. We loved how Scooby Doo would get afraid of the ‘supernatural’ creatures and would stick to Shaggy. Scooby Doo was ranked the fifth best Cartoon Show by the TV Guide. Even today there are several repeats of this show on CN.


The difference between the dog’s name (Courage) and his coward nature was what attracted audiences at the first place. Also, a pink dog made sure that girls and boys loved it alike. The spooky factor of the show also worked for it. I particularly loved where Courage and his owners used to live- in the “Middle of Nowhere”. The paranormal challenges that Courage and his owners faced in every episode were so gripping that I used to forget to chew my food. LOL. Courage was probably the only show which was funny and spooky at the same time. We absolutely loved it how Courage even being a coward, used to protect the elderly couple who owned him. Dogs are always adorable!

Winnie the Pooh

Oh my God! I can go on writing pages and pages about Pooh and his friends. Who knew bears could be this adorable? Pooh and his friends live in the midst of a calm and serene forest called the Ashdown Forest. The peacefulness in the appearance of Pooh was what made Pooh so adorable. Pooh’s love for ‘hunny’ was oh-so-cute! Not to forget, Pooh was such a gentleman and a social creature that he was a favorite not only among his own friends but also among kids across the world. Now that we do not get to see him, the merchandises make up for his absence. Pooh bears are as adorable as the cartoon himself. We really do miss him a lot!

Tweety Bird

This yellow canary was cuteness redefined. Tweety’s long lashes, the huge head, the cute beak and that yellow piece of cute tail behind can make us find out Tweety even in a crowd. Tweety’s shrill and high pitched voice made kids glue to the television set. Tweety was quite a prankster and we all loved seeing his pranks. He was a part of the Looney Tunes show along with Bugs Bunny and other characters. Sylvester and Tweety and their numerous fight offs shaped our childhood.

Mickey Mouse

When we talk about cartoon characters, can Mickey Mouse be left far behind? Mickey is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, that is how important he is! Everything about Mickey is incredible- his funny face, his red shorts, the huge ears, his long tail etc. we particularly loved how Mickey went mad for his female counterpart- Minnie Mouse. Mickey made our childhoods the best part of our lives.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is as famous and as popular as our Mickey. In fact, the top three cartoon characters we have in this list are equally important and equally favorite among everybody. Donald is a cute aggressive and short tempered duck who always starts his day on a happy note but during the course of the day something happens that makes him unhappy and he gets angry. Also, what we all loved about Donald was his positive outlook towards life. Donald is also quite a prankster. Donald and his nephews make us want to love them and take them home.

Tom and Jerry

Any words about these two pranksters would be an understatement. We all wanted pet cats and rats like Tom and Jerry. It is impossible to think of them individually as neither can exist without the other. Running all day, trying to get each other down and in trouble, Tom and Jerry always had each other’s backs in times of crisis. That is how one describes true friendship. Tom has never been able to capture Jerry till date, but he does not lose heart and will keep on trying till his last breath. As for us, we will keep loving and adoring them till our last breaths!

Writing this article made me so nostalgic that I so want to get the DVDs for each of the above cartoons right now! We can never have enough of these cartons, no matter how much we grow up!


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