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Most Popular Benefits from Banana for Health

Top 10 Best Benefits from Banana for HealthBanana is one of the fruits that are usually recommended by doctors to keep up the health level of the body. It looks very simple with a yellow coating and white body but the influence it can have on a human body is incredible. It is so smooth in nature that eating banana is everyone’s cup of tea whether they have stronger teeth or not.

In some of the countries, the leaves of banana are used as the plate to serve food. Not only the fruit but the advantages from its leaf cannot be undermined. There are an ample of benefits from eating a banana. It is one of the most beneficial fruits available in the market. The cost efficient nature of this fruit makes it even more special and affordable.

Top 10 Best Benefits from Banana for Health

Helpful in cutting down the habit of smoking

It is one of the best benefits from banana for health. Most people consume banana in order to cut down their habit of smoking. The rehabilitation centers around the world recommend banana to the patients. Some doctors advice the patients to chew gum in order to relive smoking habit but the best way to get over it are to adopt the natural way. Banana contains B6 and B12 that helps to contain the need of nicotine.

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The skin diseases can be cured

Skin problems become very common due to lack of sleep and also because of food and relocation. The best resort to get over the skin problems is to induce banana in the regular diet. Banana works better than the anti-aging creams available in the market. They are rich in vitamins like A, B and E therefore, instead of spending money on buying expensive creams, it’s better to consume banana.

Helps cure constipation

Constipation occurs due to the wrong eating habits and other natural causes. Banana proves to be very useful in curing constipation. The functioning of bowels is accelerated by banana. However, the over-consumption of banana can cause more problems so the quantity shall be limited. It is one of the best benefits from banana for health.

Provides sufficient energy to the body

You must have heard the health trainers usually recommending banana for the diet chart of their customers. Banana provides the essential energy that is needed by the human body.  After the workout, it is recommended to eat at least two bananas in order regain the energy levels.

Treatment for the mosquito bites

The peel of the banana helps to treat the mosquito bite. It is the natural remedy for the people suffering from mosquito bites. Instead of throwing the peeled out skin of banana into the dustbin, try applying it at the place where there is a mosquito bite. The peel should be mixed with water and hence used on the skin very softly for about 15-20 min. It is one of the best benefits from banana for health.

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Helps get over depression

Bananas also work as the natural anti-depressants. They contain the protein in the form of Tryptophan that helps alleviating the mood of the person and relaxes him. It is one of the best fruits for people going through depression.

The potassium content in it

Bananas are a great source of Potassium. They increase the flow of blood to the brain and the other parts of the body. For the people suffering from heart diseases, banana is usually recommended by the doctors. It is one of the best benefits from banana for health.

It is used as the pain killer

Bananas can help avoid the pain women go through at the menopause stage and also during the monthly periods. It results in their weakness. As many as 2 bananas can help you get rid of the pain in minutes.

Recommended for a good eye sight

The people having bad eye sight must consume banana in order to keep in good state. Bananas are rich in Vitamin A which is solely responsible for providing a good eye sight to the person.

Good for digestion and dieting

Banana has as low as 108 calories which makes it a diet fruit. The fiber content that is equipped in the banana can help reduce the over-eating habit of people. The digestion is also improved with the consumption of banana.

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