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Most Popular Anime Inspired PlayStation 3 Games

top-10-anime-inspired-playstation-3-gamesThe anime world has started to reign in the 1960s when Astroboy first came out in Japan. From then on, character after character appearing in various anime shows, video presentations, and even movies have invaded not just Japan, but the whole world, influencing the young and the young at heart.

It has even expanded in diverse media settings such as in the internet, social media games, and even in modern gaming consoles like the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PlayStation 3.

We will now look at the top 10 list of the best looking and appealing pastime there is in Sony’s most powerful console to date.

10. Tales of Xillia

With the name, being attached with anime series titles coming from Tales of Eternia and Tales of Phantasia from the earlier times in the first PlayStation game, Tales of Xillia offers the same flavor of having a plot crossing over with various characters and optimizing everyone at the later part of the story. However, one thing unique from the rest is that instead of having three AI characters working along with the main player, it now runs in a battle engine called Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System where a tag team fights a set of foes. The level of animation integrated in the series is superb, crisp, and colorful.

9. Tales of Vesperia

Experiencing the true nature and essence of the “Tales” saga, Tales of Vesperia has rendered the best and closest anime feel with the elements of the classic “Tales” in the Playstation 3 console. They have adapted the old battle system and bringing back the Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System, which makes all four characters move freely to battle out enemies and support fellow characters in full 3D environment. The graphics and even the conversational parts of the game give a sense of reading a moving Japanese comic book, thanks to developers that made visual effects close to watching an anime series.

8. Ar Tonelico Qoga

Animation in the game is not that amusing, particularly in the part where characters are talking. It can actually be compared to how Super Robot Wars characters talk with each other in Playstation One, where characters just pop out without any motion in the body, while the script at the bottom part of the screen is the only one moving constantly. Despite of the flaws however, battle scenes are unique where there are characters called as Reyvateils that enhance skills and moves through the power of a song.

7. Last Rebellion

It is rare for an RPG these days that have only two characters to use, while the rest have three and above, acting and controlled at one time. Last Rebellion brings in a challenge where you can only control two characters named Nine Asfel and Aisha Romandine, exchanging turns but does not appear on the screen together, which makes everyone bend into thinking of better battling strategies. Animation in the game can be considered fair since more number of enthusiasts love the aura of the title.

6. Hyperdimension Neptunia

Ready your handkerchiefs for a moment of seeing nose-bleeding females. The Hyperdimension Neptunia presents many girls looking all cute with shades of looking a little, well, tempting in a way. The anime style included in this title is standard by far. The plots, character concepts, and gameplay are creatively done, such as four Goddesses colored Purple, Black, White, Green represented four console units, known as CPUs, or Console Patron Units, being the Sega Neptune, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and XBox 360 respectively (makes sense huh). Another unique feature of this game is using other SEGA characters as assistance items such as Alex Kidd, Shinobi, and do not be surprised if Sonic comes into the picture.

5. Cross Edge

At first glance, everyone will be surprised why such characters as Morrigan, Felicia, Demitri, Prinny, Lyner Barsett, Aurica Nestmile, Mokujin, and others are appearing in a game. Cross Edge is just not a funky title but presents the real concept of the game itself. Various titles such as Darkstalkers, Mana-Khemia 2, Atelier Marie, Disgaea, Ar Tonelico have been mixed up to create a gameplay that is extraordinary than everything else. It goes beyond other crossovers since it is a rare selection to see in an RPG genre.

4. Valkyria Chronicles

Have you tried playing your own war comic book and making it move? This is how it should feel like when playing Valkyria Chronicles. Most of the scenes in the game, even the gameplay itself is so well done that the anime impression stays there from start to finish. Imagine tanks, rifles, or grenades making sounds while producing the Batman like sound renditions of booms, ratatatatats, and the RrRrrrRRs. The animation is even breathtaking from switching maps to actual battle terrains.

3. Trinity Universe

Creating a planet out of flying sushi, floating traffic cones, and even drifting bunny slippers can be somehow strange, but that is one of the unique ideas included in Trinity Universe. Aside from the original anime model, characters are also convincing to be anime in nature in both battle scenes and short talk scenarios. Individuals utilized in the game may not be talking while moving realistically, but some details are noticeably moving during the event such as the lips, the eyes, and even the hair and other dangling accessories, all accomplished clean and seamless.

2. Atelier Rorona

Imagine concocting something in the middle of a battle such as cooking meat stew for an attack up. Quite fun huh. Atelier Rorona is alchemy based RPG, which creates such scenes as an ordinary offering mixing and breaking various items to make better items. The anime found in the game is considered close to the one that is viewed in the series, where the action of the characters may be repetitive in a way but can be fun overall, especially when using special attacks and powerful moves.

1. Eternal Sonata

From the concept to the gameplay, and even the way characters talk with each other, Eternal Sonata offers everything in top class. Unlike the other games given, animation is beyond question since all things move in real motion. Even the principle in attacking minions on battle mode gives out the effort of walking towards the enemy and swinging out a combo. In fact, it closely resembles to Final Fantasy games, with an anime inspired flavor.


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