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Most Popular Adam Sandler Movies Ever

top-10-best-adam-sandler-movies-everAdam Sandler was born on 9th September, 1966. He is a world’s renowned comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer. He started his career in 1987 and was known for his movies like Billy Madison, Mr. Deed and Happy Gilmore. He is the founder of “Happy Madison” which is a film and TV production company.

In 1987 he played the role of Theo Huxtable’s friend Smitty in The Cosby Show and then he was hired as a writer for SNL in 1990, during that time he used to perform different amusing songs on the show.

His first movie role was in the movie Going Overboard. He is no doubt one of the most talented and successful actor and comedian of the world. His movies and shows bring laughter to the people watching him and they become his huge fans.

So readers, this post is about his top 10 best movies and I must say you really should watch them!

50 first Dates

The movie was released in 2004 and in this movie Sandler has acted as a “girls man” and falls in love with a girl named Lucy Whitmore, and after he wakes up the next morning he finds that the girl has forgotten everything about the last day’s events, so he tries to impress and chase her again but nothing good happens.

Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds was released in 2002 and the story is about a person named Preston Blake who was found frozen at the peak of Mount Everest and so the search of his heir begins that who will hold the deed, so Adam Sandler was then found to be in living nephew who was contacted and was awarded $40 billion and the story goes on.

Little Nicky

Little Nicky was released in 2000 and is about the struggle to determine that which of the Satan’s three sons can become the ruler of Hell, among the three Nicky is the father’s favorite kid but has a speech impediment and a disfigured jaw. First the two of Devil’s children come to Earth and try to build a new Hell there and they end up by freezing the entrance of Hell, so Nicky was sent to Earth with a silver flask so whoever drinks from it will be trapped inside, in short it is a dark comedy movie that is seriously worth watching.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy was released in 1999 and is about a lazy 31 year old person who adopts a kid just to impress his girlfriend that how responsible and mature he is. While moving along with his girlfriend and meeting her parents he is occupied by the thought that he can become a good father, so he take cares of his friend’s kid named Julian and Julian really wants Sonny(Adam Sandler) to be his dad but Sonny says that can never happen, so they become friends and the story goes on.

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is a story about a “not so well” hockey player who lives with his grandmother. He has to save his grandmother’s house by paying $270,000 so he tries to put all his hockey skills into golf and meets a person named Chubbs, who helps him out in golf. The movie has the most amazing script and dialogues that you’ll laugh you’re a** off!

Funny People

Funny people was released in 2009 and the story is about a person named George Simmons who is a standup comedian, apart from the glamorous life his personal life is really empty, he learns that he has some blood disease and will be dying soon. So, he tries to get things settle down by going back to his former stuff and doing it right, He calls his ex-girlfriend Laura who has moved on with her husband and two kids, George Simmons also tries to work things out with a new up comer performer Ira Wright and helps him in his work. I am not telling the whole story, because it will ruin everything when you will watch the movie. So, do watch it!

Billy Madison

The movie was released in 1995 and is one of the best Sandler movies in which he is the heir of his father’s vastly wealthy hotel chain, but is very lazy and immature; his only interest is the swimming pools, nudie magazines plus dick and fart jokes. He has to prove his father his worth and has to complete his 1-12 grades in 24 weeks.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

This movie is one of the funniest movies of Adam Sandler where he plays the role of Israeli Mossad agent Zohan who has the “Super Human” who presents the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but in a very funny way. He fakes his own death just to try to avoid the life of never ending war between Israel and Palestine. Zohan has the inspiration of becoming a Hair dresser and starts working with a girl named Dahlia and Zohan eventually falls in love with him. Do watch it people, I am sure you’ll love it!

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer was released in 1998, the same year when Adam Sandler acted in the movie Waterboy, I think this year was probably the lucky year of his career. Adam Sandler acted as a former rock star, who became a wedding singer after his girl friend dumped him. He has to manage a wedding of Julia and Glenn (Drew Barrymore and Matthew Glace), where the story turns when Robert knows that Glenn is cheating on Julia and Julia starts having second thoughts about Glenn. If you haven’t seen the movie I think you should see it right away.

The Waterboy

the movie was released in 1998, and is the best movie of Adam Sandler so far, he played the role of Bobby Boucher, who is a Waterboy of college football team and is most of the time bullied by his colleagues. His mother loves him a lot that it really became a hurdle in growing up into an independent man. Adam Sandler played a mind blowing classic Sandler role in this movie. You laugh during the whole movie nonstop!


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