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Most Popular Activities That Teenagers Do Today

top-10-activities-that-teenagers-do-todayComparison is part of the culture and traditions. In fact, it draws negative impressions on individuals or group who are being the subject for improvement or criticism.

Hence, the most common argument being discussed today in online or offline discussions are the activities that takes away valuable time of teenagers, which parents link to their children’s buddies, classmates, virtual accessibility, and strong influence of media.

Here is a complete bustle list that makes each parent and adult really on a hassle on keeping their kid’s attention in school and other worthwhile activities.


Is this really an activity for teens today? Yes! In fact, it is a usual and common hobby for them who are still trying to leave up their primary years of being a kid and still toying away time. The common result of this restless and unceasing daily routine is because of the leniency of some parents and the hardheaded explanation of these youth who are willing to stay in bed for more than 10 hours than to go to school and listen to their teachers. Parents had better watch out for their boy or girl who is approaching the adolescent stage.

Becoming Television Addicts

There are good shows being promoted and shown that captures each kid’s attention who has not yet felt belonging to being a grown up. Admissibly, when they have grown away from children shows, they are being accommodated with other programs which are eye and mind tinkling because of the so-called “media capitalism” and “marketing strategies” that primarily target the youth as their primary respondent, wasting time by being too hooked in front of the screen.

Gaga Over Fashion Fads and Crazes

Although they are part of the teenage crowd, it does not mean that they have left the innocent charm of a typical description of a kid who is in the process of adjustment and transition stage in welcoming physical changes. Part of the sudden shifts is the personal preferences in clothing and hairstyles, which give individuals their own identities apart from the general population of the common youth. Although there is an extreme manifestation in taste and cuts, which will never be understood by adults of this era particularly the parents who have different cultures and influences inculcated and passed on to them by conservative beliefs. Nonetheless, there are still acceptable fashions, which are not in the exaggerated line of demonstration and showcase. Observation of limitations determines the level of appropriateness.

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Participating in Overnight Parties

Most of them think that part of discovery and exploration of the freedom and individuality is to express or do the things that they think are right. This is both true and false in the concept and ideas that the young mind has to cover the influences that society is showcasing and offering. They find themselves dancing in the tempting moves and sounds that invite them to stay up late at night, outside their homes. This is the common effect of modern peer pressure because of the so-called acceptance and recognition from the same circle of friends where they are learning and following the things that they feel are cool. In the end, it affects their studies and other bad habits develop as irreligious schedule adherence and relationship towards family members, compromised, specifically with parents. This is where the biggest gap of misunderstanding occurs.

Early Steady Dating

Experiencing the strongest feeling by an individual is to be in love, yet time and age are considerable factors for limiting this opportunity that could impede study habits and better career growth in the future. Every adult that would read this article would definitely nod their head and agree on this typical and common activity that young boys and girls are doing. A very popular example is Justin Bieber who has gotten the hearts of pretty and innocent gals who have been following his concerts and collecting every new album being released in the market. He is successful but he is still part of the “complicated” teenage life.

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Entertaining Early Vices

Cigarettes, gambling, and liquor or other strong beverages are part of curiosity and the developmental stage of any teen. These things are mostly a strong manifestation of the kind of relationship that a child has toward his family, particularly with parents. The transparency and open communication affects the behavior and critical thinking of these young kids who feel that they have found their comrades with these unlikely channels of expressing themselves more in undistinguished and confused ways. This is the normal reaction of youth who are trying to find and get attention by diverting in different media of self-declaration. Wrong association of their feelings, if ignored, will most likely worsen, which might lead to addiction and rebellion.

Over-indulgence in Video Games

Young lads are prone to it where this becomes a leeway for them to learn to gamble at an early age. It basely affects their comprehension and focus, manifested towards study habits and even honest dealings with people, mainly with their parents. There are only a limited number of influenced girls sneak out from their class, but at an average rate, teenagers between ages 13 to 19 are reported patrons and players of video games.

Impulsive Buying of Gadgets

Commercialism and trade have been very prominent in attracting customers for the latest gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other touch-screen highly functional smartphones, which are far from typical, but the prices are really at the posh and uneconomical. It has become part of every person’s lifestyle and not just a necessity today. Spoiling the teenagers too much by giving them, every bit of their yearnings and wishes affect the development of their social and personal responsibility, especially at these critical times where there is importance in learning and inculcating financial management.

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Overuse of Mobile Phones for Texts and Calls

Instead of notebooks, textbooks, and pens, you will see them squandering their time with non-sense text messages and calls, which are not really related on the subjects and topics that they have at school. In most cases, the subject of their texts are centered on their “imaginary” significant others whom they feel they like at the moment. Teachers find their mobile phones too as a distraction when it comes to classroom discussion and lessons, particularly when holding a specific group activity that requires participation. They sneak out their phones anytime and text someone outside the scope of their classroom-time.

Time Consuming Social Networking Sites

Who would ever deny the craze and acceptance of the global favorite of people that drove away the spot of mobile phones today? In reality, adults are sneaking away their time too just to check who made the latest shout out from their friends and are even concocting the next few lines that they could post to get the attention from friends that might click the “like” button showing an affirmation of what they have just written. The sad fact is that teenagers are logging in to their networking accounts not just to make connections but also to check the status of their friends and crushes.

These are the wrap up of activities that every teenager actively does whether at home, in school, and whenever they are with the company of their friends. To those who are aware and whom want to get a hold of them and spend quality time, then it is time to get up and talk to them before everything becomes too late.


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