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Most Weird Festivals in the World

weirdest-festivals-in-the-worldIt would be fun if involved in a large celebration or a festival like New Year or during the country’s independence day anniversary.

Many people are gathering in one place and they are having fun like there is no problems in their mind. However, what about the festival below that are included in the list of the world’s weirdest festival.

Although it looks silly but the essence of a festival is still exist. Have fun.

Garlic Festival

Dr. Rudy Melone, a college president, was shocked to learn that a small French town considered itself the Garlic Capital of the World. His dream was to prove to the world that Gilroy, an even smaller California village, should hold that honor. This is  the largest event in the world featuring garlic held in July. Garlic soup, garlic pie, garlic kebabs, and garlic sandwiches await brave souls for whom halitosis is not an issue. Musicians sing odes to garlic while artists sell their garlic masterpieces. It’s a truly unique and pungent event.

Cow Painting Festival

Painting probably is one of the fun acts in the world, bring out your imagination to something beauty with colours. But how if the media of the paint is a cow? The country that everyone forgets is a country can take credit for exploiting the most overlooked canvas for artistic creation: fake cows. Every summer this capital city comes alive with metal, wooden, concrete, and fiberglass cows sporting the wildest whims of its artists. It is painted on Alpine landscapes and paisley swirls, which join naked women on the streets and squares.  But there are no prizes and no winners. It’s just a whole whack of art on cows. The festival happened on April to September.

Ivrea Orange Festival

Ivrea Orange Festival is an event happened in Piemonet, Italy on February. Centuries ago, the people in this town rebelled against an evil count who dragged virgin brides from their homes and deflowered them before their weddings. Not only was he beheaded, even his guards were stoned to death. But, in 21st century, the stones are replaced with the excess fruit and the guards with clowns on chariots, and you’ve got a very juicy celebration indeed. They use orange because there is EU agricultural regulations, where Italy has to destroy its yearly surplus of oranges. At the end of the festival, a newlywed woman dressed in white — representing the virgin who led the insurrection — showers the people with candy.

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival is The Thai New Year festival on April 13 to 15. It includes no silly paper hats, no fireworks show, and no champagne. Participated by 100,000 people, this festival should the people to show up with massive water guns, water balloons and colored sprinkles. The festival’s roots are quite serious, as the water symbolizes one’s inner cleansing into the next year, but organizers know that a festival is no good if it doesn’t get messy.

Moose Dropping Festival

In a subarctic town, Talkeetna, Alaska, people make moose poop as a fun thing. Craftsmen hawk art and jewelry made from moose dung, and in the end, people in balloons drop big ol’ droppings on numbered targets. Whoever holds the same number as the target, wins.  This festival is held on July and if you go there, watch your step and also your head.

Golden Shears Sheep Shearing Festival

In a country, there is at least one event to raise popularity and fortune. In America, one of the famous events is American Idol. Japan has Iron Chef. But in New Zealand, sheep shearing is the battleground for those who are seeking fame and fortune. It’s a four-day event where sheep shearers and wool handlers of different ilk and skill levels compete for the most glorious honor in the nation. It began in 1961 and has gotten so huge that sometimes the army is called in to control the crowd.

Sao Joao Festival

The third weirdest festival is the Festival Sao Joao in Porto, Portugal. Saint John, the patron saint of lovers, watches over as the town gets all lit up, decked out, and the good food flows like sweet Port wine. Then the hammers come out and, no one knows why, you should meet a member of the opposite sex who stirs your instincts and whack her with a big plastic hammer in the head.

Frog Festival

Some people are fear of frog, particularly ladies. But in Rayne, Louisiana, there is a Frog Festival. To quote from the festival website: “You can bring your own frog or rent one.” It means that the The progressive Cajun town of Rayne doesn’t want to see anyone left behind. What about people who can not afford? The city’s Chamber of Commerce will lease the frog at a cheap price. 50,000 people followed the festival, assembled in honor of the frog races, concerts, festival rides, and then eat some.

Cooper’s Hill Annual Cheese Rolling

The festival is happening in Gloucester, England where 20 contestants chase a big block of cheese weighing 8 pound of double Gloucester down a hill 30 meters. Many people are bruises, sprains and even fractures in this event and no one can ever beat the cheese. The origin of this festival is unknown.

La Tomatina

As its name, this festival includes tomatoes in its act. The festival, which is held in Buol, a small town in Spain, is the world’s biggest food fight, where in the last day of a weeklong festival, trucks unload 90,000 pounds of tomatoes on a drunken crowd. All bets are off, and people merrily throw each other with the ripe red fruits. After the tomatoes out, everything looks bloody red like a massacre had occurred. This festival is held every last wednesday on August. This absolutely is the weirdest festival ever.


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