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Most Wanted Cats in the World

most-wanted-cats-in-the-worldHere are 10 interesting most wanted cat in the world

Persian Cat

Persian cat has a great charming on its extremely long & thick hair. Phisical characters of this cat are short legs, wide head with far separately ear. Beside that Persian cat has shortly nose. This cat is quiet & not too energic, so that its suitable to live on apartment. Persian cat can have any color i.e blue, tabby, & skin. They are also really affective & loyal cat included the popular one.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is the first generation of oriental cat. The derivative generation of this cat is unknown, but it’s trusted from Southeast Asia. Siamese cat have an elegan, slim, stylish, flexible, & muscular body. The head have triangular, with thin nose. The eyes is like almond & little bit sideways, with the ear lay on far apart. This cat have long elegan neck, slim body & tail. The hair is short, glossy, and gentle. Siamese cat is the affective & clever cat so they are more like dog than another cat.

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is the oldest living cat in North America, it is a domestic cat that has unique physical characteristics so that in the state of Maine as he was made the official state cat. Animal experts do not yet know exactly where this animal came from, but the proliferation of this beautiful cat is already known in the late 19th century. The beauty of the long fur makes it feasible to be included in the Top 10 Most Wanted Cat in the World.

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Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian is a generation of domesticat cat with a special ticked hair. There are many stories about its derivation, even many of them are find on Egypt, but the actual derivation are in doubt. The Abyssinian is one of the most popular shorthair cat in USA. They are extroverted, extremely active, playful, & clever, also a good hunters. They love toys so much and can play for hours with their favorite ball.

Ragdoll Cat

The ragdoll is the cat with blue eyes and different hair color cat. This cat have muscular body with gentle hair and silky. Ragdoll can have some colors i.e. steal, brown, blaze, blue, purple, & cream. Ragdoll is one of  the biggest tame cat generation with strong body, big legs but proporsional. The male weight is bigger than the female. This cat is an affective, clever, cool, gentle and easy to handle.

Exotic Cat

The exotic is the species of cat that use to become Persian cat. They have a gentle character and calm like a Persian but they are more warm. They are curious and funny, also kind with another cat and dog. Exotic is rarely meow. They tend to show the love and loyalty and become one of very kind cat. They are calm and stable so that it’s ideal to place on apartment. But they also a good mouse hunters.

Savannah Cat

Savannah cat is the name that given to the derivation of domestic cat, with a big ear of African wild cat. They have a tall & slim body. Their body is look bigger than the weight. Savannah’s measurement depend on the generation & sex. Savannah is a loyal cat, close with dog. They are following their owner everywhere. Savannah is easy to be trained. They are very social and kind with new people also with another cat & dog.

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Burmese Cat

Burmese is a domestic cat which is split into subcluster, American Burmese & British Burmese. The first Burmese have exclusive brown color, but by the time they have many colors. It’s very kind and friendship with human, also very clever.

Manx Cat

Elderly Tabby Manx x Turkish Van cat, Jack, 13 years old

The Manx is generation of cat that have mutation on its spine naturally. The result of the mutation is the tail become short or almost less tail. This make the difference between  the mutation cat & the generation. Manx is a good hunters and can catch prey which is bigger than its body. The farmer often looking for them to solve the rodent problem. It’s prefer to live on warm climate without snow.

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx also called Canadian Hairless is a rarely generation cat. The Sphynx is a hairless cat, but it is not truly hairless. The skin texture  is look like Chamois leather. Sphynx have extrovert behavior. They are also energic, clever, curious, and love their owners.

What a beautiful cat, don’t you wanna get them all?


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