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Most Spoken Languages in the World

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the WorldCommunicating with people is best achieved through the gift of language, which is naturally given to us when we were born here on earth. We might belong in different countries with various differences in culture, tradition, and especially the tongue that we are using to express our thoughts, wants, opinions, and even inner feelings.

This is important to convey what we want so we could be understood and not misinterpreted. Majority thought that the major language spoken is English since most of the people use it as a medium in business interaction, international contests, and others. Let us look at this list and check the Top 10  most spoken languages in the world. See if your native tongue is part of it.

 10. German

This is the official and primary language in German, which is also being spoken in Austria, Belgium (some parts of it since they are also using French and Dutch), Lichtenstein, and Luxemburg. It also serves as minor language to the citizens of Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland. There are about 90 million native speakers who are using this language.

 9. Japanese

There are 132 million native speakers, which also serves as the official language of Japan and Palau Republic. Aside from the native country where the language is mostly spoken, you could also hear Japanese-speaking people living in Europe, Korea, and United States.

 8. Russian

This is included in the slave language family where you could find Croatia, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia. It is part of the six official languages in the United States.

This is also being used in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. It is being spoken by 144 million native speakers.

 7. Portuguese

It belongs in the Indo-European Romance wherein it is estimated being spoken by 178 million native speakers. Based on history, this language has descended from Latin and became an official language spoken in Brazil and Portugal where you could these 178 million. Moreover, it is also the primary native tongue of Mozambique and Angola. In fact, in Angola, there is an approximate 12 million native speakers of this tongue.

 6. Bengali

This is another member of the Indo-European Indic that actually plays 6th to 7th ranking each year. It is being spoken by 181 million native speakers specifically in Bangladesh, Assam, and Tripura. This language is part of the group of Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

 5. Arabic

This is part of the Afro-Asiatic Semitic which is part of the declared six official languages of the United States wherein there are 221 million native speakers recorded as of 2011. This is a common language that you can hear being spoken and used in North Africa and Middle East. Moreover, it is the official language too in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and other nearby countries. You could find native speakers residing in Europe aside from the United States and other 26 countries that also speaks in Arabic tongue.

 4. Hindi-Urdu

This is another member of the Indo-European Indic where you could find in Bengali and Punjabi. This is approximately being spoken by 242 million native speakers, which are residing in Pakistan and by majority of Indians. In reality, Hindi-Urdu is a union of two official languages divided into Hindu where the other one is Urdu. Hindi is commonly spoken by the people of India while Urdu by Pakistan and Muslim people.

 3. English

The initial assessment and guess by everyone is that English is the most spoken language of all time. The answer is actually no. If you would track down history, this is not the universal language in communicating with other nations. Canonically speaking, when the curse was sent to the people of Babylon in the Bible, only then that the language has been corrupted and the pure language of Adam has been limited to some tribe back then. As of the moment, there is an estimation of 328 million native speakers wherein majority of them are found living in the United States of America, British Islands, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, and South Africa. There are also 53 other countries who are officially using it as part of their native tongue. Of course, this is the primary language in the US among other five official languages that they have declared.

 2. Spanish

It belongs to the Indo-European Romance family where the Portuguese tongue is included. There are over 329 million native speakers who are residing in Latin America and Mexico, along with 20 other countries who are using this language.

 1. Mandarin

This is part of the Sino-Tibetan Chinese and numbered in one of the six official languages being used in the United States. Just a clarification, Mandarin is one of the Chinese languages, which is being used in Taiwan and Mainland China. You could also find large numbers of people who are using Mandarin in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, and Peru. Guess what mostly people think that English is the World’s most spoken language which actually is not.

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