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Most Scary Places In The World

Do you like hearing horror stories, going to abandoned place and villages or do you believe in ghosts and paranormal activities? Here you can find the ultimate top 10 of most scary places in the world.

Suicide Forest – Japan

Near to Mount Fuji is a forest called Aokigahara Forest, AKA Suicide Forest. It deserves its name because of the hundreds of suicides that are committed in there every year. It looks like a scene from a movie where people go into the forest and get possessed by some evil forces. The forest is really dense and it is easy to disappear in there, and never be seen again. Every year the authorities find hundreds of dead people who hang themselves on the trees. Other people may never be found again. It all started from a book which was talking about a young couple that committed suicide in the forest, after that many young people take their own lives in the same way. There are even that many dead bodies all the time, that criminal gangs go into the forest to rob the corpses. There are regular times in each year that Japanese authorities go through the forest and pick up the dead people.

Pripyat – Ukraine

Pripyat is a village in Ukraine, and in 1970 it became the 9th nuclear plant of the Sovjet Union. In 1976 it officially became a city. It had a population of +- 50.000 people before it had to be evacuated after the big nuclear disaster of Chernobyl. On 26th of April 1986 a nuclear explosion and a big fire released a huge amount of radioactive particles which spread over a big part of Europe and the west part of USSR, the former Sovjet Union. The disaster killed 31 people instantly, but we are still waiting for the long-term effects like cancer and deformities. The city is now completely abandoned and is only open for restricted visits in some parts of the city. There are still many personal belongings of the people who used to live there, and the once busy working city is now nothing but a ghost town. The attraction park which was build there was never used.

Takakanonuma – Japan

This is an abandoned amusement park which first opened the door in 1970, but closed only 2 years later. In 1986 the park opened again but was again closed after 10 years. Instead of breaking everything down, the owners left everything like it was, and the result is a creepy abandoned amusement park. People say that you can enter the park via some sneaky entrances but officially you are not allowed to go there. Some people also claim to hear children cry in to woods nearby.

Abandoned orphanage – Belgium

This is an abandoned orphanage located in As, Belgium. This place is really creepy (I have been there myself). Its original purpose was to give a place to sleep for military people during World War 2, but after the world war is became an orphanage. Little kids who lost their parents or who were abandoned by their family came into this house of evil. The faith of so many children was damaged while they were there, because there were some very evil people working in there. Many kids were sexual and physically abused and scared for the rest of their life. Then, the orphanage was closed from one day to another. The kids had to leave all their belongings and were transferred to another place. What was left just stayed that and decayed during the years. Inside and outside the building were kids toys, personal files and pictures. Kids beds were left there with cheats on it, clothes were left behind in the closets and paintings were still on the wall. In the past years, many people have been investigating the paranormal activities in the area and the result is thrilling. People heard child foot steps on the 2nd floor, and a ball rolled from the stairs. As soon as it gets dark, strange things happen!

Island of dolls – Mexico

This is an Island in Mexico, and it is known as the Island of dolls. You don´t want to end up here! The story tells about a little girl who was drawn in nearby, and here spirit hunts the man-made Island. In some mysterious way, the Island is full of dolls who look really scary with eyes which are gone, burned skins and amputated body parts. The atmosphere in there is so scary that most people don´t dare to put a foot on the Island. By now there are over 1500 dolls spread over the Island, and they look like dead children. People say that they come alive at night as whisper to each other. People don´t want to remove the dolls to keep the haunting ghosts happy. Would you go there?

Zhang Zhi Resort – Taiwan

These weird constructed buildings were meant to be a luxury vacation resort . They started building the resort in 1978 but the project suddenly stopped in 1980 after some mysterious deadly accidents during the construction. People sat that the domain was haunted by ancient ghosts who didn´t want the area to be used as a holiday resort. Other stories say that the grounds were a former burial ground for soldiers. Anyways, after the construction workers stopped working and the site was abandoned, some illegal visitors died too. A few people even got a heart attack while being on the resort grounds. I believe it deserves its 6th place on the top 10 most scary places in the world.

Jatinga – India

Jatinga is a little village in India and it is knows as the village where birds commit suicide. They don´t really commit suicide but they are actually getting killed! Every September and October thousands of birds fall dead out of the sky, and to make it even more scary: It only happens between 6 pm and 10 pm. Scientists are still looking for the cause of this mass bird suicide but they think it has something to do with the end of the monsoon season. Although they are still looking for the actual cause of death, it is really scary!

Leap Castle – Ireland

This castle is build in the year 1250 by 2 brothers. One of them was a priest and got murdered in front of his altar. Since then the castle has been owned by several families but its paranormal activities got worse and worse. Several brutal murders were committed in there, all in a very strange way. People are talking about ´the lady in the black dress´and when you are in the castle you can hear foot steps and weird noises everywhere. Many paranormal researchers have been visiting the castle, and they all come to the same conclusion: This castle is haunted! This makes it the most scary place in Ireland and the 7th most scary place in the world.

The Catacombs, France

The Catacombs are located under the city center of Paris, France. People believe that it is home to over 6 million bodies which are used to decorate the insides. You can visit the catacombs for a small part. The rest of the catacombs are not open for public because the story tells that all the souls of those dead people are trapped in there. What actually happens in there is unknown. The underground catacombs date back to the 5th century.

Hill of crosses – Lithuania

This is a little hill in Lithuania, which is covered with over 120.000 crosses and other holy christian symbols. The first cross is places around 1831. Since then the number is increasing every year. Although some people look at it as a place of peace, and where God gives miracles away, it looks pretty creepy and if you would ask me to go there at night, I won´t be a fan!


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